The -gates of Hell, 2019 [redux]

For your reading displeasure, a small selection of the -gates, the faux pas, the fubars, the fuckups, the omnishambles, the veritable… explosion of incompetence that Scopely sprayed on our collective faces in this, the year of our Lord Twenty Nineteen.

Somewhat in chronological order as I jotted them down as I thought of them, although I’ve only been sporadically updating when the notion takes me and there may be a few misplaced, most certainly a few missing. For the sake of a… commitment to consistent quality… I’ve bumped them all up to -gate status, nothing to do with my being too lazy to classify them, no sir. TL;DR at the bottom.

Hmm, consistent quality, think I heard that expression somewhere before - let’s start with a quote, shall we?

“First, We need to provide a commitment to consistent quality – we will be doing a full review of our testing processes, and ensuring that we are putting the overall player experience first in everything we do. Aside from the improvements we will make internally, we will also engage the player community earlier and longer in our testing processes, in order to uncover issues earlier and allowing us the opportunity to respond to problems before they impact the wider community.”
-Albert Wei, 2017

  • FA-gate (careful how you pronounce that one): Going into the year with one already in progress, the augurs were there all along. During the first FA event, free tickets stopped dropping 5 days before event end (partially rectified but still a major inconvenience for many facs)

  • Carl-gate: Alestrey’s ongoing, months-long effort to get Blue Carl to the museum, arguably the biggest injustice of our time that Scopely wouldn’t just give him the toon to shut him up

  • AoW-gate: A 200k milestone unreachable by most because of dead regions - a stash that would only grant a pull to the top 3 facs, assuming they all scored 200k, otherwise money needed to get a pull for what would most likely be Aris/Aiko

  • Coin-gate: In order to “incentivize competition”, a drastic reduction/removal of coins from leagues - coins remained in Diamond league but all others were locked out apart from those in the promotion bracket, causing mass sandbagging during qualifiers and, in general, screwing up competition rather than incentivizing it

  • Leagues-toon-gate: Reduced from 2 exclusives per season to 1, these toons the only guaranteed ascendables available to f2ps were generally underwhelming (there were a few exceptions), also started needing exclusive gear to get leveled

  • Flash-gate: The replacement of flash token wheel with another one using identical tokens but with drastically lowered odds. One of many wheel-based shenanigans, most of which I’ve forgotten

  • Gravy-gate: Gravy boats as bonus rewards for 10 pulls on the premier wheel to cash in at the museum for Magna - depending on what region you were in you could get all boats in a 40 pull or 4x40 pulls

  • Diego-gate: A stash for the new ascendable Diego appears, with the displayed odds of pulling him at 0.0%, also with said odds adding up to more than 100% - written off as a “visual glitch” but of all the players that pulled him, it was the final pull each time which never happened before (or since) on a toon-based stash

  • Halfbaked-gate: Another token debacle where certain users got Lucky Token offers at drastically reduced prices to others, and the subsequent dissemination of information that this was intentional and would not be repeated/offered to all was called “half baked” by the very person who said it in the first place

  • Tire-gate: Under the guise of an “f2p” event, Bruce & Sandy were both offered in exchange for tires acquired through roadmaps and raiding. The thing is that the roadmap was the main source of them, and the method of opening - keys - were put behind a paywall. Unless of course you bought them for coins in an offer that was there for all of the opening 2 days, by which point players had no idea they would need them in order to collect one of the toons. Otherwise, it was required to put in a huge number of raids outside of maxing the milestones in all raid tourneys in order to finish them, and that many raid refills may not have been on hand for most

  • ####-gate: The debut of the overly sensitive chat filter that prevented not only profanities (in an MA-rated game laden with them), but other almost random terms that made it difficult to coordinate during wars, giving Line IDs etc. It also brought around the ability for players to suspend one another, leading to shenanigans and elevated sodium levels

  • Loss-gate: The removal of losses on players’ profiles, preventing proper assessment in order to service snowflakes

  • Ad-gate: EU users had the option to view videos (for all of 3 coins) removed for a period of months, compounding the issue of reduced coins from leagues

  • AI-gate: In a change no one (of sound mind) wanted, attacking AI was changed to be more aggressive, dogpiling the weakest toon available and ruining the teams that players had spent ages testing and perfecting, rendering the bulk of most players’ rosters instantly obsolete. Despite mass complaints, only a partial rollback occurred (and, depending who you believe, said rollback was itself sneakily rescinded)

  • Hordes-gate: The debut of a new mode also saw a new stash, with a very “generous” 90 day timer… Except, after all of only 3 hordes events, the mode was put into cold storage and there were only 2 events for the entirety of May & June, ensuring that for the vast majority of players, the stash remained unfinished and Joshua stayed out of reach for those who needed him the most. And rather than make up the shortfall of hordes tokens in other events, the only option was to buy them via offers
    There were also myriad issues with the mode itself as regards balance, enjoyability, effort : reward ratio, lack of scaling between leagues, yadda yadda. But who cares, it’s not like there was a promise to improve gameplay or something

  • FA-gate II: The Reckoning: After the success of the inaugural FA event, factions began to stockpile tokens in anticipation of a new one. And when that new one arrived, it had everything that made the original event great removed with surgical precision. No free tickets, no double ticket acquisition, higher daily cap, a terrible wheel that resulted in nothing but trainers, a stash with nowhere near enough gear to do anything… And despite promises of another FA event - along with Tier 7 - neither have occurred as of December

  • Mission-gate: The debut of mission events was a roaring success… Until a few hours after they launched, when they disappeared. And then eventually reappeared with progress reset.

  • Skull-gate (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Opportunism): A doozy, one of the top 3 gates for sure. What looked to be a great event - complete missions with your faction, get tokens for a wheel with guaranteed coin rewards - was turned into one of the biggest clusterfucks in RTS history.
    Due to shortsighted dev decisions, it was possible for a player of any level to join a fac, leave, then claim the tokens that faction had earned. A patch changed this so only players level 15 and higher could claim, but having once again underestimated the players, a faction lockdown was put in place for nearly 2 weeks via impromptu overlapping faction events. No way to kick dead weight, transfer, recruit, grow, disband, merge, anything. Made worse by another -gate:

  • Transfer-gate: Arguably the only reason the game was still online - region transfers - were to be scaled back massively from June, with some regions being closed in all but name. Made worse again by overly convoluted tiers, waves, windows etc.
    Because of skullgate this was pushed back, but with the knock-on effect of factions being unable to properly plan, leading to stagnation or in some cases dissolution

  • Build your own-gate: Following the success of the Build your Melee Team event, players wanted a Build your Ranged version… Which we got, eventually, in the same way as we got of the rerun FA event. With every element that made the first one surgically removed. Including the only way to get basketballs pulling for a shitty promo (while the game-changing (until the next promo) Governor toon was also up for promo)

  • Spike-gate: In almost the immediate aftermath of Skull-gate, a new collection mission was introduced, again with a glitch. Scrap wood in the mods tower or spend food leveling up and whatever amount you used counted as coins, so you could claim the rewards for what should’ve only been available to those who spent over 30k coins, which consisted of either Spike tokens or Epic tokens - Spike for a stash containing a lot of recent promo toons, Epic containing a selection of not quite as a good but guaranteed ascendables (trainers etc. in the stash)

  • Spike-compo-gate: Said glitch was up for hours with lots of players taking advantage of it, but with a lot more missing out. The “compensation” for these players was an insulting amount of either tokens that would require spending more in order to get a single pull, and this compensation was restricted only to the players who were online at the time of the glitch but didn’t take part in it, pretty much endorsing exploiters and rubbing salt in the wounds of the losers who chose to take the proverbial high road

  • Bugged toon-gate: Ongoing, too many to mention, but numerous toons (both promo & legacy) being released untested and left broken in the wild for days, weeks, months, take your pick. Morgan, Michonne, Mia, the list is endless (yeah I lose count after 3, sue me)

  • Powercreep-gate: Somewhat subjective, as whales had been playing the game on Easy Mode ever since Alice, but there is a difference between Easy Mode and God Mode, and the release of Zachary heralded the opening of floodgates for the most egregiously overpowered toons we’ve ever seen (Raven, Dr. S, Elle etc.), but one I think is deserving of his own bullet point:

  • Negan-gate: The introduction of the specialist skill “Payback” combined with the overly aggressive defensive AI eliminated a lot of players’ attack strategies, and for many of these players straight up killed the game stone dead. Was the toon unbeatable? No, but there were so few viable attack strategies available to f2ps and the fact that he slotted in with the most OP toons already available that you either lost outright or spent so long tiptoeing around him that your camp was destroyed by the time you won.
    It may not have even been so much to do with the toon itself as the reasoning for introducing him, as said in one of the super secret ultra elite Line chats by our dearly departed master of half bakedness - “Negan is a necessary evil to kill the multi Zach meta at the top end”
    So… because whales are having trouble defending against other whales, fuck the rest of the playerbase? Cool, cool. The attitude that seemingly these toons exist in a vacuum where whales only face other whales and the f2ps still running red Mira as an attack lead live in some raid utopia where the only Negan they ever face is the OG yellow one showed many where Scopely’s priorities lay and that was enough. Anywho, with Negan and the rest, the issue was compounded with the appalling release rate & quality of ascendable legacies, painting the game into another Double Priya + Shield Magna 5* endtime corner, which was only countered by subverting the game and somewhat leveling the playing field with 6*, so of course this lead inexorably, not to 7*, but…

  • SClass-gate: The G3 toons mentioned above were arguably 7* toons in all but name, fire and forget auto wins every time. How do you counter that? Balance tweaks? Hahahahahaaaaa… no. Just introduce an even more ridiculously higher breed of toons behind an equally ridiculous grind/paywall - all the while G2 (not 3, 2) toons were still pretty much completely unavailable to any f2p players. But the marker was already laid down with the Negan reasoning; fuck em.

  • ToC-gate: It’s hard to compress all the fuck ups of this one into a single bullet point - pay to transfer to a region, destroy that region’s ecosystem, find out after one event you were in a region that got DQ’d, you transferred for nothing and are stuck there for weeks, change the rules mid-event to let the big spenders who got knocked out back in, take your pick. It probably deserves its own thread, but I’ll leave that to someone else as, regretfully (lol), I was but a plebeian observer so can’t go into too much detail

  • #united-gate: In the wake of ToC (and pretty much everything before it), a new protest movement was born - #playersunited - somewhat in the vein of the old sp3ndingstr1ke. Like said movement, it got a letter plastered with vague promises (itself nothing more than a version of Albert’s letter passed through one of those plagiarism filters students use to steal other peoples’ essays) but that was about it. Without the teeth of a hard no-spending threat, it somewhat fell by the wayside and despite the grandiose promises contained in the letter, the game is arguably in as bad a state as it’s ever been - in fact the game in its current state is almost like a direct FU to PU, as we no longer have community events as a whole - we have them divided into standard (shit rewards) and premium (still shit rewards, but you pay for the pleasure of getting them). And indeed you need only look as far as the very first war event following the uprising to show how “serious” they were about a commitment to fixing things:

  • War-gate: A glitchy shitshow with awful rewards; everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. GR started a poll openly asking what the players thought the best course of action was, and the players said in their droves, loud and clear - No play, restart it! So… of course it just continued as is. Just like, hey, we’ve heard your opinion, and fuck you very much. Players should have been outraged, but rather instead opted to coin their new Wayland defenses with gay abandon to show how #united they were. The writing was on the wall early with that one

  • Hordes-gate II: The Cancelling: During the Pathways event, the unwarranted cancellation of the second Hordes tournament ended up preventing swathes of players from getting Piper

  • Arena-gate: aka Free Ring Circus: There was a screenshot circulating for a while of an Amber getting a major stats boost from some kind of ring gear - it was eventually revealed that these “Veteran Rings” would be available to boost the stats of any toons you’ve already maxed.
    This gave some players hope that they could augment the stats on the few good 6* they had to try and compete against S Class toons, assuming they were easy to acquire. These players were also delusional, because the rings were only to be given out via the new Arenas feature - which in theory was meritocratic as you were against players in your own league, but in actuality it didn’t matter how well you competed, because reaching the Champions Arena you find Diamond players mixed in with you, who can just repeatedly coin their way to victory and bolster further the stats of their already OP toons, making sure The Gap more resembled The Gulf. The later addition of a turn counter dictating points ensured that even if you did “well”, unless you had Dr. S it simply wouldn’t be well enough.

  • Plush-gate: aka chi-waawaa, the heinously bad ascendable Romanov was available in the museum for the low low price of 20,000 plushies. Most players didn’t want him because A) they already had him and B) he sucked. But unlike other collectables, there was nothing else (gear, trainers etc.) you could exchange them for. Despite this, it was confirmed that plushies would get reused, so players hung onto them. And still do to this day.

  • Sergio-gate: While not technically a “gate”, I think the precedent it set has pretty much destroyed the game for a lot of players. The anniversary was a sad, sad affair with a shit toon as the grand prize and to make things worse, it wasn’t even possible to acquire said toon through grinding but rather he was put behind a paywall; a practice that has continued with every event since (Mr Jones, Princess)

  • Bucket-gate: An interview that surfaced on venturebeat confirmed what most players with an ounce of savvy knew all along and were derided as conspiracy theorists for saying it. But for the Stockholm Syndrome-addled Scopely collaborator white knights there was a mass pikachu reaction face when it was revealed we are for the most part holding tickets for a prizeless raffle. You know that guy in your fac who somehow pulls every promo toon with their single SC daily pull? And how you, who have not only never single pulled a promo but get nothing but 4* and unascendable 5* on your 40 pulls from saved free coins? Not luck, not RNG, just a different bucket to you. Casinos generally get shut down for using loaded dice, thank goodness we’re in the much more civilized and not at all Wild West-like sphere of unregulated online gaming

  • Council-gate: One of the promises in the letter was to set up a Player’s Council, and we the players were encouraged to apply. At last, meritocratic, democratic representation! Liberté, égalité, fraternité! Oops, typo, I meant bourgeoisié. Whales only. It became apparent soon after it was established that the councilors were chosen not on the basis of their applications, but rather their spending habits. And the occasional Line celebrity of course. The way this was all handled was revealed was a PR masterstroke by Scopely, deliberately choosing whales and leaving it up to the players themselves to reveal their identities rather than announcing it, leading to speculation, accusation, conspiracy theories, so on. All the while the decisions being taken by them (Scopely) were all about monetizing every remaining non-monetized aspect of the game, and thus the perfect scapegoat was born, “The PC probably wanted this” a common cry from the f2p rooftops.
    Eventually the one and only Parker was swept into office thanks to mob rule and has dutifully kept us updated as to what goes on behind the curtain - that is, what they suggest to Scopely and what Scopely duly ignores.
    All in all the PC is a precocious toddler showing their suggestions via a scrawled crayon drawing on crumpled paper to dismissive parents played by Scopely, “Well that’s just so cute PC, I’m gonna put this suggestion right on the fridge!” directly before forgetting all about it and going back to their illicit high stakes card game in the garage

  • Red velvet-gate: More of an ongoing thing rather than a single incident - one of the few ways to acquire a “decent” amount of S class items outside of spending is to claim through red velvet cake collections in the museum - the only slight issue being that nearly every collection has been based around promo toons that very few (if any) f2p players had, thus ensuring that whales got items faster and kept The Gap at a very respectable distance. Also, the removal of the 3.2k item collection in order to reinvigorate spending worked like a charm if the maxed out S Class toons less than a week into their initial promo wheel is anything to go by

  • Hordes-gate III: Season of the Glitch: Hordes was put into cold storage after the introduction of S Class toons because there was simply no way that a walker who could be mowed through by a 5* team (never mind 6*) could stand up to a single one of them, let alone a team. We were promised a thorough balance pass and what did we get when it came back? Nominal, at best, stats increases and in some cases reductions. Hey, enjoy doing 143 damage against that Pete with 12k HP!

  • SR-gate: The idiocy of the walker stats in Hordes were hammered home when SR got a “long awaited” update to number of available levels and a general difficulty overhaul. That is to say, rigged to within an inch of their life with double the stats of an S Class toon. A challenge is fine, but slogging through 10 stages of that, daily, for elite item tokens and a trigger assembly? PFO. So the difficulty change was reverted, but what’s the point in doing it anyway? Oh yeah! Shield Lee and Shield Magna! The very first guaranteed f2p shields, well over a year after the shield/revive meta ended and months into the S Class era where Christa can one-shot Lee and Priya can one-shot Magna. Still, at least after hording those toons for so long you can at least ascend and level them straight away. Oh, by the by those useless sleeping bags/knives you never bought because no SR toons were ascendable? Yeah you’re gonna need a bunch of those. Or, you could save your markers for something else…

  • Platinum-gate: As though it wasn’t enough that they were now selling maxed gold mods direct, we had to go one further with the introduction of Platinum mods. These, technically, couldn’t be “bought” as it was only through the SR depot at the princely sum of 400k markers. You might think that’s somewhat of a “level playing field”, but people, never forget the bucket in which you reside. It was no shock to me coming across a full S Class team with no fewer than 3 (three) Platinum stun resist mods on the toons within a few weeks of them being released. While the rest of us get crit damage set, defense while stunned mods. Balance! That said, plat mods themselves are no real issue. Sort of like strapping a bayonet to the front of a speeding train that’s about to paste you. You’re gonna die anyway, does it really matter if you get impaled first?

  • Armory-gate: The addition everyone* wanted! Finally rendering those pesky 4* weapons that everyone could farm and upgrade useless, the power was put back behind a paywall where it belongs with the addition of new parts, new tokens, new weapons. And unlike the old armory where you could ridiculously research everything through a common resource like wood, you now needed to use a new currency only being awarded in a drip-feed capacity unless you’re winning every tournament, thank the heavens!
    *everyone = no one

  • Halloween-gate: A trash-filled wheel with a 99% chance of pulling either a single trainer or red velvet cake you’d never need, you had to spend 2 weeks grinding to get 10 (free) pulls. While it was mentioned in the fine print that tokens would convert to coins at the end of the event (as opposed to the usual useless SD points), it was assumed that the conversion ratio would be 1:1, if not worse. But nah, try 250:1.
    Now, ordinarily this isn’t so much of a disaster for Scopely because as mentioned above with the buckets, if you’re in the wrong one you could easily throw 250k coins away on the promo wheel and never get it (aside from the “bargain” of the guaranteed one at 100 pulls), but it just so happened that this occurred while there was a p2p event to get Dr Stevens in exchange for bloody shirts, and despite “very few players being affected”, to invoke Herbert Hoover, it was a joy soon thereafter to see a chicken in every pot, a car in every garage and a Dr. S in every Pete team

  • Jonesgate: The “prize” in the event immediately following Halloween-gate was the syphilitic mailman Mr. Jones, who from his description seemed like a pretty decent alternative for f2ps spending 15+ turns against Pete teams - applies infection and crosshairs, so guaranteed decap, yay!
    The event in question however was an RNG shitshow where, bucket-dependent, you needed to burn up to or over 50 arena tokens (assuming you had them stockpiled) farming letters just to complete one section of the event - and there was to be three. So it became quickly apparent that, like every other event toon of late, he would be out of reach of f2ps.
    Until some players noticed an odd looking bag in the regular ultra rare gear map - a farmable bag containing all the collectibles needed to claim him early. The map was left up for 4 hours, give or take, and anyone online at that time would now easily get Mr J. So… that’s good right? Well sort of.
    First, Mr J was found to be almost irredeemable trash, as the crosshairs he applies wears off before infection kills the target, so almost entirely useless against a multi revive team.
    Second, there was a level of injustice where players who were either half-assing the event or just checked out entirely managed to get the toon for the price of a world refill or two, while players who burned through their stockpile of arena tokens and had the bad luck of not being online at the time ended up with nothing. Yet no compensation, no acknowledgement. Yeah, he sucked, but it’s the principle. And you need only look at the “Compensation for Jonesgate” thread to see how the concept of “players united” has been left firmly in the dust

  • Onslaught-gate: The only event that gave semi-worthwhile S class item amounts got delayed for hours, launched without milestones, then had milestones, then reduced milestones, the in what was already a short event prevented players from hitting them, no compensation, basically another shitshow in the diarrhea-rama that was 2019

  • Leaf-gate: In the background of many of the above gates there was the underlying difficulty of a gear stranglehold that’s long been in place but exacerbated by the introduction of S Class toons and the fact that, over 2 years into ascension we still haven’t gotten a regular farmable (hell, any) 6* gear map. This was “”"""""""“rectified”""""""""" (10x quotes signifies HyperSarcasm™) with the leaf event, which involved spending numerous pieces of 6* gear in order to get a single piece back, and no I’m not joking

  • Bear-gate: I’ll be honest and say I clocked out of this event before it even began, so correct me if I’m wrong (or should I say, BEAR with me) - Despite it being the one holiday of the year where generosity is supposed to flourish, we have Scopely instead invoking their pre-epiphany Scrooge and once again locking the main prize behind a paywall - everyone should get 1x 6* Princess, maybe 2. But the S Class? Open up those wallets, what do you think this is? Christmas?
    Oh yeah, and the stingy as fuck 1k cakes + tickets for 1k S class items collection given that it used to be 3.2k, I mean we can’t risk those f2ps almost getting a foothold, now can we?

  • Mercer-gate: Wow, a threefer, it really is Christmas! First, the fact that this was an S Class toon that could be pulled directly from the wheel despite them supposed to be “only obtainable through grinding”. Second, the promo drops right before CRW when players already have a coin hard-on (not a roll of quarters either). Third, the very small matter of this toon’s lead skill essentially bypassing the opposing team’s first turn. But hey, it means you can get destroyed almost as fast as hitting flee, so win-win!

And as Scopely were clearly fans of the late, great Magnus “I’ve started so I’ll finish” Magnusson, they started the year with a -gate so of course they’ll end with one

  • Tiara-gate: Scopely are obviously trying to slow the breakneck speed of 30 S Class items per day that f2ps have been luxuriating in and need to shut that shit down by having a roadmap that only SC members can access - and I do mean access, because they can only actually run the map after paying again for apples. Double dipping, this is some shameful shit.

While the above list is exhausting, it’s by no means exhaustive. For everything listed there I guarantee there were 10 more, so forgive me for any omissions. But to bookend things nicely, let’s finish with a more recent quote, shall we?

“We are committed to making the gameplay experience as smooth as possible. We acknowledge that recently we have experienced a lot of technical bugs. We are committed to making this a top priority and will aim to deliver the high quality experience our players deserve.”
GR.Scopely - 2019

Hmm, now I’m thinking of another quote - “History repeats itself; first as tragedy, then as farce”
That said, maybe the quote isn’t that outlandish - maybe this is the game we deserve. Since #PU, Scopely have employed the age old tactic of Divide & Conquer - keep wedging open the gap between whales & f2ps, cause dissent and make them fight among themselves. And for the most part it’s worked like a charm. So hats off in that regard. My dear fellow players, wake up. Stop playing their game and start playing yours. Yes I’m drunk.

TL;DR - read a book

Anywho, it’s nearly New Years and I’ve a date with the only bucket that’s ever been kind to me, one filled with whiskey. Cheers to all and roll on the -gates of 2020!


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Great post. Scopely should be ashamed to see it written out like that but unfortunately seem to take more pride in the fuckups than they do delivering a quality product.


Thank God it’s a mobile game and not a country they are running…


This was a highly entertaining read @Aegris! Had me legit lol’ing. Do you write for a living, I wonder? This paragraph…

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Impressive. You put more effort into this than they do into the game, clearly.


This triggers people lol and they refuse to admit it even tho they do admit it.

Btw, this post is amazing! Well written and a great thread to come and see all the mess ups in one place, thread should be pinned.


Also this! Facts! PU scared them and upset them and since PU pretty much is gone, i swear it’s like a lot is done in spite as an :fu: to PU from scopely




:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: i love being called this and then it comes to be that it wasnt a theory but was true, like region transfers, mods, 5* weapons, vet rings, s class, etc i have called many things and continue to do so but because a few of the line app cool kids dont like me i get the good ole it’s just a conspiracy theory :man_shrugging:

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Great post. I think everything is in it.

Approx. 47 gates in not less than 12 months …
Approx 1 gate every week of the year …
Its beyond words


Just add this to the game tutorial.


This is what leads me to believe most are intentional, of course something like skullgate where they are losing money isnt but the ones that screw the players i think is. Why? Idk exactly but i do think it is easier if they just move us to the next gate instead of fixing or compensating for previous