The gates are really Easter eggs

Hey everyone, kinda new to forums, but it’s nice to meet everyone. I see a lot of topics about Gates and how it’s unfair people keep items from them.

I would like to explain this in a different outlook so you can see what’s really going on here.

Gates are not Gates but rather Easter eggs. These are intentional most of the time. What they do is release a toon, this toon has an Easter egg put in place by the developers so some will get the new toon for free, once a certain number of players get this toon they close the Easter egg and make everyone else spend to keep up. All these Gates are intentional to help with sales.

This is a very common practice on other games. How incompetent would the devs need to be in order to make these kind of mistakes over and over? They would be fired by now if this was accidental.

Anyways , just wanted to share my opinion, this opinion is my out look and could be 100% wrong. Think about it, Bob got Mr Jones but you didn’t, most will now spend to get him. It’s all just part of their sales tactics.

Have a nice day everyone.


Easter eggs are, by definition, available to everyone if they choose to search for them.


Time limited Easter eggs then? Because the gates are mostly about timing.


If they weren’t time limited everyone would be able to take advantage.

Nope, you give them too much credit, these aren’t easter eggs, it’s just your normal, run of the mill incompetence.


Idk. I think most of them are. Some sure seem coincidental though. :thinking:

They definitely create a buzz. I did spend like 5 minutes looking at that 3 buck green leaves offer. Am I missing something? Luckily i bought it but it was up a while.

Even if they are intentional, the term easter egg is not the correct way to describe them. That being said I remain unconvinced that they could plan something like that out without ■■■■■■■ it up.

Interesting theory, has to be one or the other. Intentional or incompetent. Different sides of the coin, same :poop: game

I still believe it’s a mixture of both. :slightly_smiling_face:

Intentional incompetence :wink:

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They’re also extremely useful for sweeping the last issue under the rug :smiley:


Silence is golden!!! :slightly_smiling_face:

Golden eggs are layed by the goose in Jack and the Beanstalk which is a pantomime, I believe we have come full circle. Theory confirmed.

Their just bugs that they over look. Coding and being lazy or dont have the man power to consistently check for issue. Sadly this game has alot of cracks in their coding. Probably need hire more employees to run checks on what they put out.

Nah. I feel like it’s just not a priority anymore. When you read news articles about Scopley they don’t even mention this game anymore. Just their newer ones.

It’s more of an afterthought.

They probably move alot of man power to different title game of their’s.

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That Jonesgate roadmap seemed like it had intention behind it. Someone surely had to alter the map to have the quill/arrow bag instead of the gear crate. I’m presuming. But 'tis my opinion

The original gate, Michonneheadgate, benefitted no one (Scopely share holders excluded) so I think the whole suggestion that these are Easter eggs falls down right there.

I’d also suggest, it’s not the bug that makes the gate, but Scopley’s handing of it. For example, the whole Andrea shield issue was reasonably well handled in the sense that it benefitted no one and compensation was issued (I believe a few got screwed on the amount of compensation, so not perfect). But that’s why you don’t really hear much about Andreashieldgate (if it was even a gate).

So no. Not Easter eggs at all

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Yes and John gate was available for everyone. Only for a limited time