The gap keeps on growing f2p p2w

It used to be that f2p and p2w team grades were somewhat similar now the gap has grown way way way to much I mean I seen some team grades that were s18 how can someone with an s13 compete? Most of the time they cant. with the exception of a few key toons weapons or great mods at times are beatable. But I’m afraid now with the new weapons mods and now these super toons if ur lucky ur able to beat them about half the tmw. Before someone post any team can be beat yeah they can be but honestly the gap keeps growing and growing and the ability to actually compete is getting further and further apart and something needs to happen with the free to play toons need to start getting better or they need to calm down on these super have to have toons.


This being said I’m talking about truely a free to play account never buying anything what so ever. Not the occasional spenders account true free to play it’s getting harder and harder to keep up and it’s getting to the point that whales don’t need any more advantages they have far to many now bring the competition back to the game

So if totally free to play people could compete at the top level then why would anybody spend money? And if nobody spends money how do developers get paid to make games?

It used to be that yes free to play players had a chance that’s what most people refers to the good old days when they gave 5* toons for war and the like

The top three teams got free characters. And the top three teams would purchase war cans and raid refills…I think people remember the good old days in different ways. I remember when Monica was an exclusive war character I spent a lot of money that weekend on refills to get her.


Cool u want a cookie that was ur choice and still the gap wasn’t near as large free to play actually had a chance at winning

Like I said people remember those days differently. I find it hard to remember free players having a three Andrea team. I do remember a lot of free players crying about not having multiple Andrea‘s. I don’t remember not getting destroyed very much by anybody out of the top three back in the day. So I’ll take my cookie

I miss the old 5-star days…sure there was still a huge gap between the f2p and the p2w but at least the core experience of the game was so much better.

Events were fun and engaging and were possible to complete 100% f2p with heavy grinding and effort. The p2w aspect just allowed people to get their quicker which I’m fine with. Now most if not all events are gated behind very expensive paywalls. This is not fine.

The game was so much better before they complicated the core loop with more rng crap like mods and now with all the gear required to tier up a toon to max s-class it’s just a very long slog unless your willing to spend a fortune.


Pretty sure not.F2p have access to some amazing toons like pryia,Raul ect.It may be a bit hard but they can still compete and I’d say better then the 6 star era


Personally I say we need to get the gap fixed look at some of the events in game the ones who pay get good stuff and I’m not saying they don’t deserve good stuff but come on throw f2p a bone one in a while. I’ll say a good start is putting dayiu cards in the roadmap so f2p can get her much faster before she’s out the meta then do events we like like pick a side or like the Michelle event. And also make kites and flags available again I have my michonne siting at tier 2 for months now and I had harlen and Jessie maxed for ages now so just give f2p a chance to get good it’s like you flipping the poor people off

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I think worst problem is armory, I have failed 40 times trying to get rampage, that’s a lot of money, tokens and time wasted while my team is stuck as s15+ , “lucky” people have full team with perfect weapons. So bad I decided to skip WOC since it’d be pointless to go there


There’s actually a really good totally free event going on right now. The character is relevant to people that don’t spend. Do you have the ability to get a character that could help low and free players out very much.

This is kind of the point. That it used to be that even the p2p players would use the majority of free toons which are extremely few and far between now. Most free toons suck and aren’t even in the same ball park not only are there rushes much slower most of the time but there rushes them selfs are so far apart stat wise Compaired to p2p toons. That they aren’t even considered to be an option. Which if alone that were the case people could find a work around. But to overcome it the toons overall stats are also much lower as well all aspects are much much better then the gap is getting huge as stated before look at team grades now compaired to back then.

So riddle me this Batman, back in the good old days how often did you get 650 coins for leveling up? For finishing halfway decent in your league? How easy was it to achieve dree totally free player to get some Priya or any of the other cards you can pull for easily? You finish halfway decent in any event you have the ability to get a Darn good defensive lead like Pete. Come on anybody can get powerful players with a little bit of dedication and grind


That is super subjective. If you on the #1 or #2 faction in your region you stand to be able to collect the cards at a decent clip but if your faction is top 10 and can’t finish above 48 in a 16 region CRW not only does it take ages to get a crappy war token pull it literally takes forever to gather enough cards for that s-class.

At the rate most true f2p can grind out an s-class let alone get it maxed with all the required gear it’s going to be near useless as the meta moves very fast because scopes needs the whales to be constantly spending.

I also hate that it requires two fully maxed out 6-stars in order to even get the s-class. Isn’t having to collect 10k in cards bad enough? But no, we have to waste all that additional gear on a 2nd toon and if plan to use one of them while gathering the rest of the cards there goes 10 hard to come by Liliths and 8 Ulysses not to mention having to craft those stupid useless bound weapons when you already have a full set of better ones just sitting there collecting dust.


Yeah but is that good to help us against mercer lead teams. No we need more toons to be available

Mercer is available. You can pull his cards in your war rewards. So…

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Technically ALL S class toons (except for Sheila and Steve) are f2p. Just saying.

Yes, the model of this game had been changed.
From: hard locked behind a paywall
To: grind to get, but the meta would move quicker

Pick your poison.

From my 3.5 year experience there were no “good ol’ days” for non-spenders.


I disagree. F2p toons are not generally as good so making it so that p2p are only competing against f2p is the fairest thing they can do.

Game is much easier for f2p now than it was a year ago. Alice, Amber, Doc Stevens, Zach, etc were all exclusive p2p toons. Now, everyone has access to Priya and rampage which by themselves give you a winning chance against most teams.