The Gap has officially become Grand Canyon sized

No reason to even bother with this game anymore you just gave the already OP and extra S Class on top of their OP roster. Ain’t nothing PC can do to stop Pandoras Box this game has officially jumped the shark.


False, the gap is Mariana’s trench sized


While it was very nice to have a Christa/ james now that everyone has one they instantly made everyone defense teams. Ran into one this war with 3 s class. Dwight led triple disarm mich all fired on one and couldnt even kill a pete. That absolutly rediculous. This reset is gonna make battle start to take far to long. And that is boring. No fun spending minutes in battle to come out to blown up camp and still fail half the time to even 5 alive them.


If the gap has gotten to the size of the Grand canyon for you now, just think about how huge it’s been for the majority of players the last 2yrs! It is like from the Earth to the Moon for us.
Majority don’t get useful characters, weapons, mods, rewards, RNG, or gear to do anything in game to get better.
Could be why new players don’t last long unless they are guarded behind a wall in New region.


To be fair that is a really bad way to attack an S Class team. Utilise def stats, bleed and control with 6* characters. Straight damage from 6* will not cut it, kind of like what happened when 6* were here only 5* support characters survived.


Not many have them. 1 in maybe 5 factions have a s class pyria or pete. Now it your talking about the top factions yeah probably more there but the common base has zach Dale Steven’s raven mia and paybacks. So it’s no big deal cept jealousy at this point…

I’m seeing lots but then again have been warring top factions all weekend. And now there is no way to get away from them. I ask all of you to go open up a mini in a wave 2 or wave 3 region see what the ratio of top spending factions are to others. But we now have no way to escape it. I myself am done and would like to play casually. Not get lose 4 attacks then come back on fire. Scopely has taken all options away from me besides quitting


No ask red reaper lol he is killing top teams now that he has one toon :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Yup, sure in the hell is!
The only way I can see for them to try and stem the flow so to speak and try to right the balance, besides getting rid of them all together, would be to make it so you can’t have more than 1 shite class toon on a team at anytime.
But we all that won’t happen, they don’t care enough about the game or the players to do that!

Sadly, the end is nigh! From now on it’s going to be a all out milk the players for every dime they possibly can before the game implodes and they move on to something else :man_shrugging:

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This is how I feel at the moment, giving everyone a free S class at the time was a good idea, but seeing it in action, just makes you realize these new units ARE NOT good, they are simply to strong, especially against any 6* out there.

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It’s Shiva force zeke 2.0

It definitely is pretty bad now that regions are sectioned off. For us wave 1 its gonna be tough competition in wars here out.

Coming from a person whom has a OP roster this is not advice.

They never should have released them imo. It seemed we was just tapping the top of 6*s and all the new abilities and bam useless at least very soon. Promotion doesn’t even compare to the strength of a S class seeing max t1 at over 8k attack.


Gap? What gap?


yeah i’ve won 20% of my war battles. it’s to much. why didn’t they do away with s class when they had a chance

I disagree. I still use carrie and when 6*s first came out i had yellow victor on my team for almost a year and did pretty well. Bleed does help though . still very frustrating

Best defence down toon I have is Jeremiah but I use a melee team so he is useful for me bleed is cleansed easily though as well

It’s got christa,its f2p

This is a good example when people say there are barely any S Class out there