The game support stole my account


I ask to support if they can change my account into an other device because i can´t move my account between devices using my fb account so i have to migrate it, so i gave them my data to transfer the account and they took more than 24hrs to transfer it and they didn´t transfer my account, they gave an other account in other region, what can i do? @kalishane




I think I understood this I definitely will be watching this one. When you logged in where you win another faction as well. And you’ve already tried to jump regions once you were logged in I have more than one region active maybe you started one and forgot about it and you logged into that thinking that you’re in another account


Wait – are you still in conversation with them through tickets?


i tried to contact support immediately after they transfer me the wrong account, it was 6 hours ago and they didnt answer me


Did you try to see if there are any accounts in your real region?


Thats a new one


The guy who own that account is probably pissed off also.


Might be a new account in a different region. Like when you go to another region and you start at level 1.


In the past the game buged and i ended up on somebody elses account. And some dude ended up in mine and sold all my toon’s and weapons. All that was left when i got back was my main def team and it’s weapon’s. So this is possible to happen


Why can’t you migrate with your fb account?

Do you already have a fb linked account on the device you’re trying to transfer to?


i can´t migrate it using fb because the fb account that is vinculated was closed, because is an account that i use only for games and when i open it again and put the data on the game they gave a new account, so i can only migrate my account by support, so i tried to tansfer it in a new device and support gave an account that isn´t mine, it has only lvl 5 and it seems like it wasn´t used in a lot of time, but when i tried to talk with support they took 24hrs or more to answer me and they didn´t fix anything.


Ok I only use my fb for gaming too - I don’t care what people are eating or what their kids did at daycare today. I’ve changed phones 3 times in the last few months but they’ve all been full transfers, not logging into a different account so maybe that’s the difference.


What really bothers me is that support took more than 24 hours to answer, i mean, they have no employees-? or since the game is diying scopely had to fired the support employees or what, because i remember back in the day, that they answer “relatively” soon, don´t know what is happening.


I got to admit they probably do help a lot of people so you do have to give them at least the 24 hour but if you still have an image of your old code I don’t understand how they’re giving you something different than what’s your screenshotted them


i dont understand either, now they give me an answer telling me that they going to transfer the account but they didn´t again, i ask for my account and know i can´t enter in the game, it send me a page that say “save data incompatibility”, it’s so dificult to migrate an account if you have all the data? i don´t understand @kalishane what is happening?


Probably somebody else entered your account and is on android with the last build of the game


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