The game needs balance changes

2 Shields and 3 revive Characters, make the Game Boring, the game needs balance, and restritions.


9/10 people did not notice the title was spelt wrong, myself included. Lol

I’m part of the 10% that did :wink: I was hoping this would be addressed.

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You clearly can’t take a joke. Please leave.

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Neither of your two posts here are constructive. Pot. Kettle. Black. Lead by example!


I’ve been rude by telling the truth about my opinion and what actually happened?

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I feel that if you have the guts to post a thread, you should at least spell it correctly and have good grammar or be subject to ridicule.

Don’t worry. Most players will start widening up soon and realize two shields and three revives is actually a really bad defense.

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I like you. Your funny!!!

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I did not bully anyone…i just pointed out my intentions.

Idk some exciting new defences out there. Kicking my butt. I need to make changes :wink:

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