The game keeps rolling back to loading screen

It is been more than 3 months since I am trying to resolve this problem but with no luck. The game just keeps rolling back to loading screen. I cleared all the data and reinstaled the game more than 10 times but nothing has changed.

I was trying to contact Support Team but zero help from them. They just keep saying that I need to wait and sending me some previous conversations with other players. It seems that I am waiting for some kind of miracle…

What kind of device are you on? Do you have another program that maybe conflicting?

Device is not problem, something is wrong with account. I was trying on different devices but getting same problem.

Have you been ba.nn.ed before?

No I did not. If that is case now I suppose I would be informed but I think I did not do anything that is against the rules.

You may have to take the community managers and see if they can help. Seems like a weird situation hopefully you can get a result to get back to playing.

If its been 3 months you might as well just walk away

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