The game is soooo booooring scopley

How about some other events. Instead of the looping SR , LVL up thing


It’s the state of the game. They can’t put out new stuff without screwing it up. So they put out the same boring $hit. I just wish I could find a game to take it’s spot because this has run it’s course.


Yeah. Not really sure what they could add to change things up. War was fun. But even that’s boring anymore.

Raiding sucks after 30,000 raids. Sr is just a grind like anything else. Level ups are boring. And Hordes is/was just weird.

I personally like onslaught better than war now. Better milestones and not as time consuming.



They’re on Christmas vacation. They put on SR and LU because these are the only 2 events they feel reasonably confident won’t be too screwed up without anyone in the office to oversee it


hordes is completely broken too because of the intro to S class. No one can successfully win against those killer toons.

I’m liking it atm as I’m trying my hardest to get demoted this week and next week since I’m in Diamond 2 (was Diamond 3),and want to start next season in Platinum 1 for arena goodness.

It’s moronic that a game is going to reward me for trying to get as little league points as possible.

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Or you could have simply be zombie in placement week and still end up lowest div in plat.

I have to get relegated to Plat to be able to do that. I was in diamond 3 last week with only 3 weeks left of demotion.

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Lol, exactly my point of view. May not be great for the faction, but sure is for the wallet. Plat 4 and Diamond are exclusive for whales.

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I think it’s ok however they should put more team level ups and raids so that we can help each other out.

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