The game is a money grabbing joke

Get an item to get an item to possibly get an item. And all that costs massive time, energy and possibly money.

This game was always a grind. But the path was clear. Now it’s beyond complicated. Why? Shamplay hopes people will spend money.

This game is beyond hopeless and forever broke.


In other news, Sky confirmed to be blue. Grass tested positive for green. Pig’s still don’t fly.


This is brand new information! :exploding_head:


That’s inevitable.
Investors want to see GROWTH. Quarter to quarter. Constant. And if your company is not GROWING then they will be gone.

What is GROWTH? That’s our money.
Scopely “needs” to charge more and more to keep all the investors with them.

So, yeah. It wont get better.
That’s life.

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And fox don’t talk

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It’s hurts but your right😔

Or do they…

As to the OP, the title is 100% on point.


Happy thanksgiving all…now give us $100 bucks for this crap. :laughing:


How I that just for you when I got that offer too :joy:

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You should check out Scopely WWE Champion game.

They milked all the whales in there with the same idea. Probably where they get the ideas from.

If it we can tricks morons to buy these premium events, we can do it everywhere else. LOL

I knew someone would post a picture of a flying Pig, once I read it



The Sky’s not actually blue.


For me, the Pink Floyd Animals cover is so memorable that every time someone mentions a flying pig I can’t help but think of it. It’s also probably my favorite album from them musically and lyrically. Classic.

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Manipulative scams on a gamblers addictive impulse.

So yeah your I’m cool comment is only showing ignorance.

Thing is theres ton of things they can do to make it better but whoever is running the show does the opposite of what the community wants and idk why cause it would prob make more spend hence the more they can make but the way things are now it’s like they just putting ridiculous so called events and stuff out to make it look like they are trying only to piss everyone off and quit so they can shit this game down

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I’m not cool with that.
Some of the “whales” here defo need professional help. No doubt.

At the same time a lot of things that may lead to addiction are absolutely legal. Let say alcohol.
Should we ban it because someone will surely end up being alcoholic?

And my post was a reply to a question asked here regularly: “Why its getting worse and worse?”

Marvel Strike is good

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Events like the one that gave us Michelle and the pathways event seemed like the best of both worlds to me. It was grindable to get rewards but spenders had the option to buy items to get the final rewards more quickly or get more rewards on top of the main one (like the crates in pathways).

Players seemed to mostly enjoy those events, we asked for more like them, what we got was events where FtP and mild spenders can only get half of what they need. Only the big spenders get the main rewards (which aren’t even that good) making it pointless for the vast majority.

I just don’t understand what is so wrong with keeping all of the player base happy instead of just catering to a select few? I know it’s about money but surely they’d make more in the long run if they gave mid-spenders a reason to keep spending as well as the whales.

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They do in DashieGames’ videos. :joy: