The game in 2018 so far

Hi @kalishane and the rest of the team. We are quick to moan (and sometimes even justified) but perhaps slower to praise so I just want to say this;

I like the update. The duel feature is fun.
I like the daily gift
I like the woodchip museum collection
I like the Doubloons box

Essentially I think you guys have had a really strong start to 2018. Thank you.


Definitely more positives than negatives so far. Now we just need better event rewards!!!


Agreed. The only negatives I have so far this year are Gator being less than I expected and cheating still being a huge, prevalent thing.

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strong start, just dont fuck it up all again, please


Hmm, I can’t remember how 2017 started…
Definitely a better start to 2018 than the end to 2017.

I still think there’s important resources being wasted - seriously, fixing 4* stances? Even in new regions 4* are going to be short term.

Things are definitely not perfect and we still have some long term issues but I am feeling more positive than I have in a long time.

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The start to 2018 was bumpy since we had just come off the Christmas event with radio silence on the forums regarding it (still no acknowledgement to how players felt about it). Changes in the last week and a half seem to be positive.

The daily gift is nice. Hopefully they keep up with that initiative.

I bought the 30 day pass today to show my appreciation for the positive recent changes. Hadn’t renewed it since it ran out early January

There are still backwards steps.

  • Disappearance of world cans from war rewards

  • Unexpected 6v6 with 8v8 scouting time & war length

  • Reliance on level up events while ignoring other options - midweek blitz war(where 6v6 belongs), territory events, trait / persona limited maps

  • Unreliable / misleading event calendar

  • Unresponsive attitude to player concerns

  • Events given to some regions and denied to others


World cans back for 3rd place after war. So you can scratch that off. The rewards for 4th on down are the same except for the lowered amounts of rabbit turds given out. 1k tokens for the winning region is a bit of a yawn though.

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It’ll likely be gone again in region war. Thus far last two crw had world refills, last two region had raid cans. Can’t assume it’s fixed til its consistently there.

I’m very meh with 2018. No major real excitement in game. Just endless fluff. Part of being in dying regions.


I agree on rewards, but I’m reserving judgment until after the wood nuggets end. Since it’s their big event thing right now, it’s obvious that will be the focus for the next three weeks. After that, however, I hope to see continued game improvement in that regard.

I am cautiously optimistic that Scopely may be improving the game for the better. I was very critical about the legcy toons not being made ascendable but releasing 3 in a month is a great start.

My only complaint right now is ascension items. I’m positive my 6-star roster is smaller than other players with my playing time and spending habits. My 6 6-stars are T3. My 7th is almost ready to be ascended and I will only be able to get him to T2. Assuming Governor is made ascendable soon and receiving Maggie from the current login reward event, I will only have enough medals and fodder toons/trainers to ascend one of them.

I’m not overly concerned about gear to T4 the toons I have, but I hope more ways to get gear and fodders come along