The game has issues and yet nothing is being resolved

First and foremost I would like to say that this is a follow up to @Gov post that was made a week ago. The reasons I’m making a follow up post is becuase this topic needs to get more attention. You can read Govs post here if you have not. Attention Scopely: 1 MONTH LATER; nothing has happened

There have been a ton of backlash from the whole community at this point, from the selling of an S-Class inside the wheel and 5 star weapons being introduced.

Gov has already pointed out a bunch of topics. Like the 3.2k crate and the updating of wheels. However there are more stuff we were promissed that has not been mentioned or has barely been spoken on.

Let’s start with players united. This was a great way for us players to say what needed to be done and there for we finally got changes that was needed. Even tho most things have already been updated, it still needs to be refreshed. Those examples are from the likes of: ALL depots, training grounds, wheels and crates (like 30 day pass war crates)

The promises for the future.
I will now bring up some stuff that’s completely gone missing.

Wilst this has been “fixed” with the new war wheel we should have more ways to obtain them for example via the supply depot.

We have not seen a single login event besides from the gold bars. Which so far has been a complete disaster and has not been touched on since GR’s latest response.

This one has so far been thrown completely out of the window. Nothing has been mentioned and was said to be done in november. I would love for this to be updated since there is no point about playing FA the depot has a few good rewards like a few peices of gear for markers but overall there is nothing that feels “rewarding”

Rewards for tournaments.

We can all agree that rewards for tournaments are completely unblanced and usaly copy pasted. I will brefily bring this up since there are changes from time to time, like the recent Sr + lvl up tournament I think they were balanced out pretty well but it should feel a bit more rewarding for factions placed under top 2.
This was just the faction tournament rewards. The solo rewards are laughable. You must be placed in first to even feel rewarded in a lvl up for example sionce you for whatever reason get rewards X5 from 2nd. And it’s usaly the same for other solo tournaments. Please make changes so they feel rewarding cuase honestly I get more S-Class collectables from playing the free S-Class map right now then what I get from a 2 day and a half level up.

This thing has been throws out of the window as well. There has been 1 UPDATE to prestige since it came in to the game and that’s crafting essentialy.

I will use this section to bring a few opinions I have about the game. At the moment I don’t think the game is an a completly bad state. I have been playing this game for exactly 1123 days and I personaly think the old 6 star era had a way bigger gap then it is atm. Yes it is still a pay to win game and there for as a “free” player I respect that pay to win teams should have a better team than me. And honestly I think it’s good that players that are willing to pay should progress faster. Instead of stupid toons that’s been released over the years immediately. Howerver with Mercer being a S-Class instantly ruins my experince since it should take over 3 months for me to get him or I’m forced to spend. And I personaly don’t want a game where I have to spend to even have a chance.

Edit: I forgot to mention that PC recap topics from @Parker has been a great way of communication from the meetings to players. It is really just great, I think it is jsut fantastic.

As a sidenote.
Thank you for taking your time to read. Please give me feedback if you have any and I know there are probably some spelling mistakes here and there. English is not my primary language. Also have a good day!


I agree with u Mr. C

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Was horrible and started this whole mess we are currently in!

This has been addressed for over a month, do you even read the forums?

Dont feed the troll above lol


Lol sure! :joy:

Players united accomplished nothing

The faction assault date has been pushed back and GR has posted about it numerous times

Thanks for taking the time to make this post, I think it represents the views of many players.


True dat ,things shouldn’t be swept under the rug,I love the game but it really isn’t doing well.

Ummmmm… SHUT UP!
PU started some much needed changes that wouldn’t have happened otherwise, so that’s poor trolling from you.
OP is trying to help the entire community and give us the opportunity to make our voices heard. What are you trying to accomplish with that garbage of a response?!
Jesus! The people they let on the internet these days…


Ye I agree with PU being a good start on the changes that did happened. If it was not for PU I hardly believe the game would’ve seen any changes. Now we just need more of em.


Why fix broken things when they can continue to add broken things


Not enough arm tokens available.
Kites dissapeared
Toons required to get dual char’s not available
Not enough gear
Not enough league tokens
S class costs way too much to level
War cancellations
Hordes disappeared
Fa events non existant
Yawnslaughts almost non existant
Cant remember last time i dropped lilith from maps
Can drops pathetic
Red velvet cakes only catered for the few
All events now p2p , ny event being a special kind of p2p to p2p !!!
None to little communication
Trapped in regions
Arenas constantly bugged
Collections gold barfs/plushies forgotten
No need to stop the knife collection, ppl who still need to level christa/other guy will now be short for new collection whenever that may be.
Pathetic compensation
Lack of log in rewards
No xmas gift which was scroogesquely greedy

List could go on forever


Exactly, fixing things cost money, they want to take money not spend it on the essentials of running an effecient game ,not only are they adding more stuff but breaking things that used to work lol
if it ain’t broke then break it.

Its amazing how/why we carry on with this complete and utter farse of a game run by useless money grabbing company.
Such a shame tbh.

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Well this right here is exactly what needed to be listed. Insane how many issues this game has.

Dang you nailed it!

@Bogdan give your head a shake, what has PU done? … nothing but side track the game and developers time.

Ugh some people are such blind followers


I think it’s you that should give your head a shake… It’s not about following, but about TRYING to better things for everyone, instead of complaining all day on the forum and/or blaming everyone and everything, like you do!


excellent post
next topic

tracking gr scopely I’ve taken to the team