The game has been ruined IMO


People like this ruin the game for me

All this at p8, something seems fishy

Edit 1: they love the Russians. Faction is Looney Tons, region glascock @kalishane


Are you even looking at the right rewards? You talked about active trainers being so scarce, but Faction Assault gives them out at a relatively cheap cost. The same forum that complained about 6* stat buffs, while wanting more T4 gear can now get those gear for a decent costs in comparison to active trainers. Players that wanted more critical weapon parts can also get them for a relatively cheap cost.

Even if you take a step back from the rewards and look at the feature as a whole, it’s a new kind of game mode that is pretty different from everything else in this game so far.


Not a fair perspective when you’re only judging one outlet of rewards rather than the package as a whole. It’d would be like saying SR offers no characters as rewards when you look exclusively at daily completion rather than the depot.


That’s like saying SR Zeke isn’t a reward from doing SR.

It is a whole package, especially when the difference in placement ranks gives you more faction assault points.


I’m actually quite enjoying the change. As I’m sure others are but they’re too afraid of saying anything positive for fear of getting bashed.

Before the 6’s were introduced the game was getting very stale for me. I had an Andrea led blue team, zero good Strong toons and couldn’t get any further in raid rep. In fact it was a constant battle to stay where I was, I had to ghost.

And I have bought 2 toons, Sheildschonne and Konrad, both still usable now so I cant complain there. Now I compete in the top tier of raids, usually can hold my own in wars (except for these mismatched ones in crw) and have progressed further anf further in Survival Road (I hate SR, i only do it for PK, DT and XP).


We don’t have Faction Assault in the game yet. How can you argue that we can have trainers from Faction Assault when it’s not even in the game?

It doesn’t matter if you got it in the Beta. As long as it’s not in the regular game and we don’t see the in-game prices and how much effort it takes to obtain these items (you know, they are free to change that still) we can merely guess. We also don’t know when this will come. Maybe it gets postponed. What then? A non-existing feature is not going to fix existing problems (and those have been existing for quite some time now), so complaining about it is not wrong.

And sorry, I don’t take their nor your words for it, that it’s going to be super fantastic and whatnot. I’m really looking forward to Faction Assault, but I’ll judge about it when it arrives.


What? Which of that is talking about Faction Assault as an accessible feature now? I’ve been talking about Faction Assault as a upcoming feature based on the knowledge we have, and how it isn’t going to be an assumed “dead content” upon arrival.


He was complaining about the lack of those trainers and you wrote:

I’m just saying, that at this stage we cannot foresee if and when those items will be available and at what cost.
So his complaint about the lack of those trainers is still very valid. That’s what I was saying.


Scroll up. It was about his comment regarding how he looks at Faction Assault as a dead content. My entire argument was that if how can he say it is a “dead content” when it clearly solves one of the problems that he has with the game currently. I never said that his idea of “scarce amount of trainers” was invalid, except from the fact that there is no necessity to have maxed out toons immediately.

And of course, when the feature gets released, it might come with different values. But as of right now, with the information we have at hand, Faction Assault is far from “dead content” because it provides a new way to play the game, as well as access to items that cannot be found anywhere else or given out scarcely.


The weapons are a big problem.
I’ve always said chances should be lowered;
And I have weapons with the status’s
This who use more than 1 stun or Impair weapon are exploiting Scopley hasitent nature of changing things.

With most of the 6*s doing Confuse, taunt, Stun, Impair…etc…it’s too much with weapons to top of that

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Not only weapons are a problem, how bout the fact that maybe some more strategy would be used if the limited 1 toon per team. Shivas are becoming the new blue Andrea meta with Carl teams with a Abe d yelshonne. We have went back to the first non skilled team except now it’s cutthroat confusing kitties instead of one shot killing women…


I already posted a long thread when we faced them last CRW. No one gave a damn s*** so let it be lol
Hacking is common nowadays whatever


Needs a bump


I feel like everyone’s problems with 6* are based on a very basic universal human emotion. We all hate change. Our teams that we had spent years dreaming about, then aquiring, training and crafting the perfect weapons for no longer work. This creates a feeling of despair for the loss of time and effort only made worse if considerable money has also been spent.
However, think of the long game. After those feelings have subsided, peoples teams will continue to improve at different rates depending on how much effort/money they’re willing to part with. 6* toons will continue to be released increasing diversity and opening up new opportunities for exciting metas. In the meantime we will struggle, as teams are improving rapidly we will have to constantly review our current attack and defense teams almost weekly as what worked this week might not cut it next week. This might seem frustrating but ultimately a ceiling will be reached and stability will return. In the meantime try to enjoy it. Take the opportunity to stay ahead of the curve by working hard and building the best team you can. And if you spent a ton I feel for you but learn that lesson maybe in future. Peace


This whole thread @kalishane take notes.


Great post.

I’m undecided but you make some great points.



Please address this whole forum

It is a clear issue for people who actively spend and play this game

Thank you in advance


Another two long term players called it quits this morning. Others in other factions are in gc wondering if it’s time to move on. The overall health of this game isn’t well right now and every week it seems there’s another thing Scopely does or ignores that damages the playability even further. Scopely has to impress with Faction Assault, I don’t think they know how important it truly is.

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We also lost another good long term player… It gets harder and harder to find good replacements…


Our faction has been actively scouting new games including some still in beta bc we have been playing together for 2 yrs in some cases. Scopely feasts off peoples loyalty to each other.