The game has been ruined IMO


I’m not positive where people who actually play this game asked for the introduction of overpowered 6 star characters, because I certainly don’t remember seeing it anywhere in the 2 years of playing this game. I have seen faction trading, weapon locking, and more world map stages being requested, but what do we get in return? Something we never asked for and something that has upset the entire balance of the game. The strong get stronger and the weak still aren’t strong enough to keep up. Those in the middle are kind of screwed either way. Let’s not add in the armory and how it only works when it wants to. I apologize for the rant, but I enjoyed this game so much better a few months ago. It was fun and competitive. 5 stars were exciting to get ahold of, and you could still use 4 stars for more than just fodder. I appreciate what Scopely tried to do, but I sincerely wish we could have had things that were actually asked for first before all of this mess. The game hasn’t been the same. Unfortunate to see. I get wanting to level the playing field, but I do not think this was the answer.



Actual impact on game is positive for me, I was constant few months back but I couldn’t follow powercreep so I play only when I have nothing else to do. So thanks to scopelys greed I lost interest cause game became gather the pokemons.

PS: trade system would revamp the game, but why improve game tho?



Money dude, always money



Not sure why they would bother improving it now. That is what they think they’re doing currently, but it isn’t the case for everyone. People who dropped a lot of money are now being screwed by their characters becoming obsolete, which Scopely promised wouldn’t happen. I guess having 5 stars that are only good for survival road and territory defense is what they meant by they will still be “useful”. Then again, we always have to take things with a grain of salt. I dunno, I am just hella frustrated with it all



I really didn’t mind the introduction of 6* characters until Scopley decided to further buff their stats, thus making a majority of my hard earned and payed for 5* basically useless. There was absolutely no need for that buff, and it has essentially ruined the game for most players. With Scopley, and any business really; the almighty dollar is the bottom line. They can’t give us an ascendable 5* as. War prizes because they are “running out of characters”, but then have 6* readily available weekly for people to drop money on. Scopley needs to roll back the stat buff and make 5* useable.



Rng def weapons also have ruined much for me. When I started this game it was all about strategy now it is all about having more luck…



In my experience, selling your characters to the supply depot is really good therapy and helps ease the game’s frustrations. It’s not for everyone, but worked for me.



Biggest issue I see is that they are refusing to release ascendable toons we already have and instead ate flooding us with premier 6 stars. That’s just going to widen the gap and make 80% of people quit. Yes, the addicted whales will buy the nice new shiny toys but the rest of the moderate spenders will not (especially after getting burned on 5stars theyve spent on). It is imperative to the survival of this game that many more ascendable 5 stars that are already on our teams be released. I know it doesn’t make you money scopely, but it is the only play you have left that keeps this game going any meaningful amount of time.



I agree and am sad to see the skill factor all but gone. It’s all about luck now. Need to have boring 6* chars just to survive and it’s mostly down to luck. I’m talking about weapons. Most battles come down to luck with weapons and whether they will stun/impair/abs def.

Super boring



I’m facing full AP down, stun, impair, absolute defense team and I lose really, really rarely.
Active skills are a blessing for this problem. Scopely’s gave you something to fix the mess but it seems like nobody is using it.

You’ll need to craft good weapons though. My main attack team is mainly F2P (except for Jose who is still not obtainable atm).



Thi game is the pits. Maximum of 15 characters are being used currently. Slogging your way through carl teams with that stupid guardian skill is so annoying. And to make matters worse, this matchmaking system pairs us with the same 4 teams the whole entire weeeknd so far cause we’re at the top. So fucken ruined on so many levels.



Mmmm you have some right however to use the active skills you need to obtain those new $39 trainers don’t take me wrong I have a full 6* roster with active skills lvl up at least to 5/8 but that’s only cause I been getting top 10 whenever those trainers where available but that just me what about the rest 80% of my server, then about the 6* is the same team over and over just because scopely decided to hold the legacy 6* is just boring



I’m in a top faction but I’m mainly F2P (I only pay for SR tournaments and war items).
I played all the events giving Lilith/Ulysses. And I’m actively farming to get more Lilith.
My 5 6* are almost maxed C3 and I’m rocking my region and the others with these.



The “dead content” you’re talking about is one of the easier ways for people to level up active skills without the need of using Ulysses. And yes, $800 for Ulysses’ is mental, so just keep their active skill at rank 1 or wait till you get more Ulysses. I didn’t realize the game required you to max out every single character instantaneously.



Then you should be able to keep kicking ass with 5*s

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So then they aren’t pitiful anymore, you see my point?

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Except, people are saying how 6s can 1-2 shot 5s with just basic attacks. People are saying their high stats pretty much make 5s irrelevant. People were outraged at, mainly, the stat buffs for 6s more recently.

Now of course, you may disagree with those players, which is fine. But how does the low frequency of Ulysses/Lilliths make Faction Assault a “dead content”? They may severely overprice their offers, but I don’t see players being forced to buy those offers for more Ulysses/Lilliths either.

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Yeah me too and I have myself a full set… I never said I loose that much or have sooo much trouble with them but thanks… I just hate the concept and how important randomness in this system is. It is more about fighting the weapons than fighting the toons. Most teams ppl build are absolutely ridiculous but can still defend… Of course you can also call this strategy but even active skill can’t do anything about being full stuned or being unable to charge rush… Every toon you loose because of beeing less bless annoys. Okay atm Gurdian annoys me the most but this is also all about having more luck. (So happy it will get nerfed in few updates).



So then some folks decided to drop $800x5 for trainers to max their 6* toons. There hasn’t been another point in the game here $4,000 didn’t buy a significant advantage



They rushed out 6* to combat the spènding stŕiķè before they were ready, which is why you can only have 2 competitive teams now & nobody is happy.