The game evolved

THE GAME Is in a new phase and some things need to be asked:
1.the game will increase the level of structures?
2.will the game increase the player’s level? (current limit lv.200)
3.will the game increase the number of structures in the city?
among others

  1. No
  2. Maybe
  3. No

But more important?

  1. Will there be more op-toons like trader before majority of f2p will find a way to cope with him?

  2. Will they continue to pump out a new sclass nearly every week while keeping cards of older ones so scarce it takes you several months to obtain one?

  3. Will they keep on downgrading EVERY aspect that is doable without spending?

Edit: most likely yes to all


There’s one important question you’re missing:
7. Will we still have fun playing the game?

I really really hope the answer would be YES, even if the first 6 would be NO, but the battles became too RNG driven already and the fun is dwindling - only a bit more RNG is needed for the fun to vanish completely :frowning:


Just shut up and give us your money
- Scopely


The game sure did evolve…unfortunately it evolved into one of these…


mind if i steal that?


Not at all. Go for it. :+1:


I guess that my question would be,
“By several months do you mean 4-6?”

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Is that a sandwich with Mr. Hankey filling? :poop:


It’s most definitely filled with what Mr. Hanky is made from but that’s not him. It’s from this classic episode.

That it has and it’s run by a bunch of


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I was thinking that but wasn’t sure if that would be pushing it.

Glad someone had the :baseball::basketball: 's to say it. :laughing:

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