The game could have worked without 6☆


Why did we need 6☆? With the way the game is going now, 5☆ are abundant, F2P now have chances to get toons like Shiva Force Rick, so what was the need again?

With the recently updated wheels, plus the lucille token wheel, there are currently some really nice 5☆ on the table for F2P, and the fact that you can pull premier wheel characters from the Prestige Recruits is another good way for F2P to get good toons. I do not see the reason we needed 6☆, let alone the recent stat buff they got.


I honestly dont know what thye could do now to fix things. other than renerf 6s to a level in line with the original power ramp up, so that 5s would at least be a viable alternative until everyone can make complete 6* teams.
I don’t even know that that would work the game is currently so screwed.

I even suggested that scopely Give the same 20 5*s they gave out in beta to every player, in every region, Which 2 months ago would seem preposterous, but now doesn’t seem like it would make a difference, much like scopely claimed pullgate made no difference.

the Power creep from 6s is so bad that even 20 of some of the best 5s out there cannot compete with them.


I think that’s right - I expect Priya turned out stronger than they anticipated and she did lead to an imbalance which almost drove a lot of people out of the game. The trouble with having one toon so much better than anything else on offer is that you end up with the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’. Those without Priya felt they had no chance and 6* are a partial reset. What was interesting was that they started slowly meaning some of the 6* were, in the early stages of their levelling at least, less useful than the 5* they ascended from. This couldn’t have been Scopely’s intention hence the sudden power increase. We are now in a place where the same 7 or 8 toons are in everyone’s team but I am hoping that by the New Year we’ll have more varied rosters.


Yes, we’ll have 9 or 10 toons by then.


It certainly could have, but unfortunately Scopely prefer lurching from one busted meta into the next because subtle rebalancing of toons or combat engines may actually require time and effort.


This is how it goes in P2W. The F2P eventually get the same content that P2W paid for months ago. Demonstrating that the paid content was worthless and that Scopely isn’t considering the player first. (as long as they can generate spend on events)

The irony is by the time the F2P start to get things they have been waiting for, it no longer helps win war.


Ahh, but the only reason those 5☆s are so abundant is because they were made worthless by the roll out of 6☆. If 6☆s weren’t out there, the wheel would still be full of Carolines.