The game and community I love

I don’t post a lot on the forum. Most of my time is spent in line groups. That said I want to address @kalishane

I started playing in October 2016. I came into a community that had just been fed a michonne head fiasco and would soon see wendygate. I found a community full of commited players of various skill levels with a pure love and drive for this game. They taught me and I was honored to be a part of a faction that fought for wars with all they had. Then I came to another region and led a faction for about 9 months and let amazing people who had drive and love for this game. Go look at your roster right now and tell me you would war 18 hours strait for 2 days for Donny as a reward. Then the region died due to others opening and a combination of ascendance release and war being gone for months. So I switched to yet another region. At this point the community had shifted to a beaten, tired group. The spenders spent cause they had to, not because they wanted to. The non spenders played less because they had less to play for. Over the past 6 to 8 months I have seen hundreds of players that made up the heart and soul of this community leave because the game had been turned to a bland, less rewarding version. The characters we poured our hearts into fighting for became useless overnight. We wait months at a time for just one character to be released. During this time we were told their weren’t enough staff to make legacy toons. However, there is enough time to make a new roadmap design that is not utilized and now mods that stand to further reduce the effectiveness of our efforts. How long before a player can purchase a mod that allows stun to be ineffective?

Please understand, I’m not ranting to be a detriment to the community. I’m pleading for the people that write your checks listen. We are a strong stubborn community. If you release this character mod update, I promise you will make money. Players will desperately line up to buy this because it’s the only way they can remain in the community they love. That said, I can promise you that you will lose an even larger sum of potential profit in the Players you lose because they finally said enough is enough.

Please, invest in this community. Don’t abandon it. We can passionately fight in war again. We can spend because we WANT to again. Take your resources that are spent developing these new content updates and go back to what makes this game great. It’s easy and I’ll tell you how

Release a new promo every war that is clearly superior to legacy 6s.

Replace war rewards with a NEW legacy 6s each time. That’s one every 2 weeks.

These 2 things alone will rejuvenate our community i promise.

Please Shane, walk into the office of the highest positioned person you can and fight for us. I guarantee if we see you doing so, this community will NOT let you down


Oh and for the love of god please figure something out with merging regions. Maybe one region where players in all regions have the opportunity to move one acxoujnt there or something. It’s literally in every thread somewhere


Well said but its not in the game plan anymore to make players happy. Just get their money and run.


Pretty much trying to be worse then EA

I agree with the whole premise of the post but the last few sentences, Promo that is superior to legacy’s should not and will not rejuvnate the community, a lot of these legacy characters are promos, and thousands have been wasted on them .
Starting a pay gap is the wrong way to keep players in the game, especially as they should have learned how the power creep of 5* affected the game where charcters like pryia and konrad was the benchmark and nothing they released after sold.

Secondly these legacy characters should not be held off just for bi monthly wars (dont mind them being rewards), for a realistic timescale these characters need to come out weekly so we can see the majority done in the next 3 years bi monthly means that it will be 6 years before we see the majority

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I just want to play the game without it constantly relaunching and causeing territoryies to glich out

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Thanks gov and @Trusslayer ur right but we keep saying that and it makes it so they don’t listen. I want shane to see from a different angle. We bitch and moan and always will. But we’re also loyal and if she fights for us and we see reaults we will make sure she gets that new Mercedes on the corner on her way to work if you catch my drift

@Akearns ur right i worded that wrong. I mean there needs to be something shiny to give paying players an edge. But it doesn’t need to be a huge gap. I remember when a ftp player could work a team just right to compete with the most expensive teams but ptp had the edge. It worked and they made bank and we had a great game

And I want a new legacy a week as much as anyone but they wouldn’t there’s no way they would do that. Bottom line they need to fix war and create a variety and do it quick players who whooped my ass are leaving left and right and I play this game…a lot

amazing post and when the cross region war mess up was going on i kept defending scopley people called me a troll i just wanted to show support to scopley and the game but with that being said its time they start listening and do things people want not combat mods and stop focusing on money and keep making more 6 star faster thats 5 stars are already released like Jesus whisper into the scream and stuff like that then i’ll spend for character i never got also 6 star princess needs to be made (and lydia’s release) going off topic but like i said instead of combat mods do what we have wanted listen to the community like region merges or region change option @kalishane listen and taken in what we all are saying

I disagree with that, there are different teams managing different aspects of the game, these character designers arent the ones who are going to fix region problems, but the one a week is a very viable number, and here are the stats to prove otherwise (note this is from last week before lori not aaron)

On current rates since ascendance came out 264 days (38weeks)they have created 60 Legendary Characters.
That is an average of a 1.5 charcters every week, of these 60 characters 18 are legacy characters and 42 are new, that is a 2:1 ratio of New to legacy
**If they simply Switched Positions and made legacy characters a priority which they should be ** one a week is a viable proposition and you would still have a viable influx of premium characters, and they could make them more unique and worth the investment

Source : A brief overview on Ascendable Characters

And stop making benedicts as last reward teir bracket for events

You make a good point and prove my original point even further. Our community is full of players who want to see this game badass again

Very well said and im sure the sentiment of many players, alot of us has been through the same bro, shame they just don’t care


Gj spec…and people are definitely hitting the point where they are saying no more…i joined my last regions. You are right many of us want to see the game great again.

A beautifully written post that will be ignored by Shane and the powers that be. They can’t decide what they want this game to be. It’s been out for a long time and the end is near. They can deny it all they want, but let’s face facts, they keep doing everything they can to drive the player base away. We stay for the friends we’ve made, the fun of killing the competition and the money invested, but the end is near regardless.

What I would like to see is some 6* premiers being old 5* premiers. I would love to be able to use my dual wield michonne and ‘something to fear’ Glenn (still by far my fav two toons in my roster, despite being good only for territory defence and SR) again. Not many people will have old premiers, and anyone who does has already paid for it. Those who don’t will pull (and mostly fail) for it the second time round, so it’ll still make money. Please make our old premiers, which we burnt our hard earned cash for, useable again.

Nothing will change unfortunately. We’ve heard every excuse in the book from Kali as to why ascendables can’t be offered as rewards anymore, from there being a bug with them as prizes to them breaking the meta (Like blue Michonne hasn’t?) When mods are eventually released this game will die so quickly, I’ve already got a pretty sour taste after seeing 150+ of my 5* stars made useless, now my weapons are going to be too? What is the point anymore.


Bumping this @kalishane don’t leave me hangin at least tell me to kindly fck off or something <3

Good luck with that