The Future of 6 stars and legacy characters

So it has been canceled because they just wont be useful , they wont make money, they just plain old suck I know but think about it.
What if we could have a event in game
It runs for a month and we all vote on selected 5 stars to ascend.
This wont be a post just talking about their 5 stars like " guys let’s ascend these toons" inserts their whole roster
Their is another game which has 10 stars but they have a poll in game of which character to ascend from lower stars to higher ones.
They are the most popular character gets selected.
Scopley could pick like 10 or 20 and we all chose one
They can add ways to even more votes and buy votes in offers f2p can earn like 5 votes and p2p can earn an infinity amount of them.
This would make you guys money from nothing basically because it’s not like people are paying for legacy’s anymore
Just imagine logging in and being able to vote for someone it would be great
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@Aeris @Parker @ChaosShooter28 @TayTron @DrJank
Look I know this was long and kinda hard to read but to sum up
Have a list of 20 to 5, 5 stars and we vote on who can be ascended people can pay for more votes and that’s makes money from toons you wont be able to make money for and it would be a monthly thing so it wont be overwhelming from your devs

We will vote in game it can be an event or something
I think it would be fun for everyone involved and a huge crowd pleaser and may change people’s opinions about scopley and get you money slowly but surely


There is no future after the massive release of the S-class toons. S-class is the present and the 5 star weapon is the future imho.


Their is still a use for them and if they start releasing lower ap toons 6 stars will rule for a while more

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Not sure why I was tagged on this, but I like the idea. Would have been even better half a year or so ago.

My votes: Whispers Jesus for sentimental reasons, Lopez because we need a 6* red crit lead, SR Zeke and Kate for obvious reasons.

People are not going to get very excited about 6* toons though. If this were to be done, it would have to be soon while mixed teams are still common and many people still use 6*. Some sort of “last ascendable celebration”, where we end legacy ascendables with a little event.

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Help me out here, what has been canceled?

Life for the average f2p

I want legacy 4s to be made a 5

About as useful as a legacy 6*…

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Well I dont know if I remember right tbh but someone in the forums admin said they arent working on anymore legacy’s

U got to remember their are new regions and players 6 stars are still need to be able to upgrade to a sclass

Fair enough

I didn’t say they weren’t going to do any more. I said they’re never going to make all of them ascendable. And, as @Zak already responded, asking for legacy ascendables now that S class is out is like asking for new 4*s after 6*s were released.


4 years ago I remember wanting a five star team and for quite a while I had only three stars
Us vets like I said can forget about new players how are they suppost to beat roadmaps and other stuff to get s class toons ? They said they were working on everytoons ascension but like you said that’s a no go that’s why this system is great plus I know a lot of people who would love 4 star safety behind bars tyrese

I really would like though lets replace the 5 with a 6

Looks like for the forseeable future, they will always have a free one available that new players can use to start out. Five star tokens from low placements will support the one-two sclass they get in the first months, slowly replacing the 3*/4* that are their support until then.

I think it can work. One of the biggest problems for new players in old regions is going to be raid matchups. Since raids are matched based on team grade, two sclass with mediocre support will be matched against retired players with very good 6* teams, and they will struggle heavily against windowless Erik/Erika teams and the like.

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