The Free To Play Experiment

What is it like to start The Walking Dead: Road To Survival, 4 years after the start? What is it like for a Free To Play survivor with the game at it’s current state? I wanted to find out, so I started over…

Not a new region on my current account, a brand new account, spending NO money. How long would it actually take for a new player to catch up to the endgame? Would I recommend someone start this game right now? Find out the answer to both questions in the video & tell me what you think in the comments below!

Thanks for watching!


You could have asked me! Just let me wipe up these tears and I’ll get back to you.


Can never be the same when you know what that is to excist

That was one of the things I pointed out in the video… one of the downsides is that you see the impending grind ahead, but you might be surprised about how the first week ended in the video… I was.

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I’m taking a watch, 4 star in 5 minutes. Took me 5 months :joy:


but the grinding in missions is so boring

I started this game 4 years ago when they had us grinding out roadmaps to get 4 star Shane and Greg Fairbanks etc. You had to use battle items and have a maxed 4 star team or hopefully have a 5 star or 2 to actually complete said roadmaps. Only OG launch players understand the struggle of the grind during multiple roster resets. The game is much easier for new players these days


It’s sad…its just sad…


Easier…but only up to a point.

I had a f2p friend who lost his phone and didnt use fb and was unable to recover his very kick ass f2p account because he never made a purchase.
He came back about a year ago…and is a very dedicated player… Has a limited 6 star team.
He gets defended against many of the op and sclass teams, but he’s a grinder and does okay.
Now…he returned to the game before op and Sclass was a factor. And he was smart and built up in our original dead region.
But… I think his story is unique. And more than that, could not happen today.

Starting over is arguably one of the best ways to play. Starting over in the 6* era was one of the best times i had in this game. It brings back the thrills of recieving long hated toons. It brings back reasons and joy for unlocking a player level or world stage. Brings back new frustration and new joys with the armory. I highly reccomend it and not to the point of nuking an account as i have twice now…but at least opening a new alt account and playing from scratch.

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Or you could play a new game where you don’t know the ending especially in this one that ends with you being old yeller.