The forum's out of control!

Scopley your customers are out of control; please bring Albert Wei to the forums to cease the problem immediately. These people demand answers to their questions they have. Please don’t be like Corriolanus and ignore the people of their needs. @Andrea_Scopely @kalishane please do something about this. These people just want to know what the heck is going on at LiveOps. Happy New year and have a good day. :slight_smile:


Lol hahaha.

Until revenue remains the same, there is no point doing anything. Bank balance says this game is doing good so management isn’t doing anything wrong.

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We’ve been wondering since Halloween as to wtf is going on lol

They are balancing it, hour of work vs revenue. Two weeks game was on autoplay and constant was around 65k$ so they are doing good.

We’ve been duped! Bamboozled!

I’ve got Ra in Christmas from YuGiOh Duels Links. Ra. One of the coolest cards in the game. In an event. Just for playing It.

What I got from Walking Dead since june last year playing every goddamn day? Nothing. NOTHING.

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Who’s this Albert Wei I keep reading about?

Scopely Grandmaster

A new 7* they try to introduce…but was failed to deliver. :wink:

Spin doctor.