The forum's better than the game


Do you agree with this statement? I find it better than the game because it’s more interactive and doesn’t feel like a job grinding everyday. 2017 for this game was horrible besides Call to Arms, Slash Tokens, Hold the Line, and Shiva Force events. Nothing but junk came about after six stars were released to the game. I hardly do anything in game, and only go on to login and do somewhat of the crappy events. Lucille Patrol was decent too bud bored the hell out of me with it’s long timed roadmaps and horrible rewards.


Hold the line was decent too


Oh shit. I keep forgetting about that one. Thanks man. I’ll add to post.


I liked HTL and Slash Tokens. Same with the Dwight/Jesus choice and Tripp event. Overall, 2017 wasn’t that bad. Recent months, have been very disappointing though


The nugget event, pick your side and the Shiva tokens were good. Lucille tokens were trash. Hold the line was bad for me but everyone else got good toons. Overall, I have to admit that my favorite was the nugget event, simply because we get to choose what we get, and the prizes are good for f2p


Or maybe if they replaced nuggets with ortaments. They could claim it was part of the Christmas event


Agreed. Robots should have been shelved or replaced with daily nugget rewards to actually approach collecting everything


Oops, wrong thread.


I like the game better than the forum.


You poor, innocent child. I once held that same innocence until it was snatched away from me by the Scopely Scrooges.

It was a brisk October morning in the year 2015. I’ll never forget, I downloaded this game with an exhilarating level of hope and joy. It was at this moment I knew that it’s truly the small things in life that matter most.

Fast forward two years later on the Eve of Halloween 2017. The hope, joy, and innocence I was once held had slowly transformed into a violent mass of sorrow, anguish, and darkness. Everything I thought I knew was a lie. I found myself in a confused state, mumbling and rocking in a corner, trying to restore that innocence. Then something happened. The darkness had faded and I was overwhelmingly bathed in the light.

Having wondered how this could be possible, I quickly scrolled through the apps on my phone and there it was, the empty space where my The Walking Dead: Road to Survival app used to fill. A familiar smile formed across my face and I knew things were going to be okay.

The End


And weeks later still hanging around on the forum. You really got away. Smh That is what I call poor.


You replied to the wrong person.


Yes because, as the thread is titled, “The forum’s better than the game”. Plus watching Scopely’s downfall is something I wouldn’t miss for the world.


I did. Sorry, mate.


I like the game better than forums, but I can go in game and even if it’s just farming I can talk to my faction and play silly games and have a great time, because I have a great faction. Personally, I stay positive, if the game truly makes me mad, (which is rare, it is just a game, war can frustrate me though) then I go take my 2 year old to the park or do something that makes me happy. Forums most of the time is where you go to to get sit and be negative and miserable no matter what happens, that’s not really me. It’s why you don’t see me comment alot.


Who’s miserable over here? I know not me, this place cracks me up and gets me hype


That’s why I said, “most of the time.” I know people who genuinely love the drama, and take pleasure in the negative. That’s fine, just not me man :blush:


Appreciate your honesty Mama, Still love your daily streams :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks! :blush: No game stuff today hehe just Athena figuring out the whole “unwrapping” Chirstmas gifts haha


I understand it’s just a game, but how can someone enjoy it with horrible rewards, glitches, hacker gates, and no new content besides toons and events? People play games to enjoy it and have fun but you can’t do that with this game anymore. I’m in a good faction too, but I’m not using that excuse to keep playing anymore. We all have line anyways, and people post frustrations because we want change in the game, but It’s being ignored. Nothing is negative about that at all. If you ordered a computer and you opened the packed to find out the computer was all messed up and not enjoable anymore, you’d be frustated too and ask for another one. Lol