The Forgotten Toons

With the new Update many unaviable toons came back, but I’m still disapointed
about some descions, not only the Allen thing, but that doesn’t matter now.

I really would like to talk about the forgotten toons, like:
4* Jeremy
4* Christine
4* Brooke
Or 4* Carmen

That’s not even all 4*, but let’s get to the 5*

5* Axel
5* Dale

5* Tyresse (Green)
5* Roadie

So what’s about them? Especially the Ascendance was a big disapointment on the amount of additions.


Lost in Scopely’s greed, sorry man

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Hey if they made Morgan in Sr ascendble I’m sure we can hope higher for ty and Dale

I would love some of those 4* just for collection

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Sadly, I don’t think so. Morgan was a promo in December I guess. Dale would deserve
it so much and Green Tye looks amazing

A bunch of these could be added to Survival Road, as well as the Character Wheels and even roadmaps since there’s been new regions in the last two months. Most of them would help quite a lot, and could be good addition to some teams on older regions.

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Exactly. But we had to wait so long for this Update, which was on most parts
a big disapointment, so :neutral_face:

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You forgot the Dwight that can be found on sr as well, but I personally think that Dale, Axel and the Dwight will be made into future promo ascendables, like Jessie and Morgan were originally.

It would be Great. Especially because there are part (Dale and Axel) of the characters which are
need way more love in the Game, Allen as well or Carol…

They really need to add more collections to the museum now. I have all but 9 completed i think and i only need 7 different characters to finish them all(some are in multiple collections like Dwight). Would love to have more added with better rewards since they have made all toons that aren’t 6 stars basically worthless except for fodder, faction assualt, world maps, territories, and collecting.


Is that SR Revive Axel?

Yeah, some collections aren’t even make sense like Days Gone Bye. It features:
4* Rick, 4* Lori, 4* Shane, 4* Andrea and 3* Dale. No Allen, No Carol, No Amy,
No Carl…

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Yes. He Deals 500% damage to one enemy and revives one teammate with 15% of their max HP.

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I mean tyresses is gonna be hard to make ascendble his rush may have to change since we’ll alphas gonna have that rush
But a upgrade to his lead skill so it became all strong 40def and huge to atk ap he be better than crappy green neagan

Yeah, but he already has a 6* version, so he isen’t that important. I just
want him because of his awesome design

So all these “new” toons are being released without any announcement because they were kept from us all this time?

Just seems they all have one thing in common. Would’ve been super useful and possibly OP, back in the day.

None of them was released.

Ooh ok gotcha, not released at all.

I’ve noticed a LOT of “new” toons that seem to have a least one very useful trait, so it made me wonder.

Some of them, like Dale, Axel and Tyresse are enemies in SR, but not
obtainable as playable characters.

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They could have done a “days gone by part 2” collection with all the others you mentioned. Like how they broke the “all out war” collection into 2 parts.

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Yep, exactly my Idea. Also continue of the Alert, Strong, Tougth and Fast Fighter Collections with 4*