The flags roadmaps

Well, of course with dual specialists in the stash, we would see the flag roadmaps. I got stocked up on those, so no incentive to complete, but have checked out the individual stage rewards…

The red one contained a Benedict (one hell of an incentive to do 3 stages), but what do I see on the blue stage3 today?

Can’t we have Bennies for the 54 energy, please @TayTron ?

Especially if a green flag roadmap gets to see the light of day, for players who have joined only after the Michonne event…

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Its only why waste energy to do this map to upgrade useless 6 star toon in S era,its crazy.


Well a Benny for 54 energy ain’t that bad in S class era that is XP hungry… but a Basil for the same energy cost is borderline - the only reason I went for it was that unlike the red flags, the blue one allows you to use Pam (+ faction Pam) to get some meagre XP along the way…


These could be fun toons for low level players, but the flag maps are unrunnable due to small energy cap. Shame really.

Red axel is a lot of fun on my mini, alongside Erin, Christa, Glenn and Kapoor etc. Just can’t tier him up which is a bummer

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we need kites for these toons, where are the kite maps?

You need kites only if you want to collect in museum (not directly from stash). I have some 5-8 kites, not sure where they dropped from (but think it was the flags roadmaps) but the main source was a kite offer for >20 bucks…

yeah i still need 7 kites to claim the axel from the museum, i aint that worried about it but if they are gonna run flag maps, why not run kite maps :thinking:

Cos the duel specialist toons only use flags… no brainer to level them in level up for points… no other gear required.

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Why is the reward for “green flag” a possibility of black flags??? So confused

Duel special toons need black flags too.

Similar to league caps and jackets. If I remember right, you need 7 black flags total? 1/2/4? But might be mistaken… The other color is like about 30, but my memory is pretty weak on that :confused:

Somet like that… never paid attention to Miche or Axel… know Roxie is 12 blue 1 black to take her T2… then increases from there… only few black flags required originally were rarer until the Miche event

Thats the last tier so seems like 1, 1, 2 for the black flags

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