The first ice cream cone?

How do we get it? Abcdefg

To get it you’ll have to pull wayland 5star or 6star so a obvious no from#playersunited

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There is also cork screw collecting?

The ice cream cones don’t do much for you… until next weeks promo apparently.

Yeah to get his 5 star or 6star versions and 500 ice cream if you pulled 15k of these, but they are most likely useless as you can already pull the toon without the cork screw

Ice cream cones are meant to get you pot committed to something you have no information about. I said it elsewhere, but they perpetuate the sunk cost fallacy as a business model. It’s borderline predatory.

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Just checking the possibility it’s not another pay to win event. So far, it looks like it’s same old same old. I’ll pass.

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Yes it says it in the messages. By are to be use for next weeks premier.

Pay to play. Bet the money is rolling in.

Here’s the problem: who is next week’s premiere/promo? Conveniently S-Class Priya was leaked, so people are (were :wink:) already getting ready in anticipation.

They’ve monetized vk leaks at this point :rofl:

This post needs more attention.

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Anyone know how to collect cork screws? It’s related. :sleeping:. So far, looks completely pay to play. Go, Scopely!

This is all premium content. I’ll pass.

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Do pulls on the wheel.

No budget.

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