The fat lady is singing ladies and gentlemen

Scopely since it is so blatantly obvious that you refuse to listen to you player base just be aware you are going to kill off this groups of players that have remained loyal to this game and supplied you with capital to grow your company to where it has gone. We are not interested in your new content. We want you to follow through with your promises and fix your game as it currently exists. A large majority of us are not as dumb as you believe us to be and will not sit here and continue to dump money into this broken game anymore. Add your content and you will continue to see this #playersunited movement grow or possibly die like you hope but if it dies it’s because the ones who actually spend and were involved in the movement have finally walked away with our money in hand.



You mean like #pu that was all over war with 2 Ryan, 2 wayland teams with that hashtag?


Did you mean „singing“ or „signing“? :face_with_monocle:

The fat lady is deaf?

Could have been obtained through free coins

Already thinking of packing it in they don’t listen its a spit in the face of the PlayersUnited movement this new update.

They did give us a timeline of 30-60 days. We have a checklist going. If we don’t see those changes at the end of their timeline I have a feeling it will be bad for them

I don’t think they care.

I honestly hope they do us a favor and shut it down. That clearly isn’t even close to happening because it seems like they spent a ton of time and effort into this new stupid way of making OP toons even more ridiculous. Can’t wait to see veteran Zach with his 2k maim damage to everyone lol

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A fat lady "signing "

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Their main agenda is release a promo every Friday without delay ,on time to take in as much money as they can.
Everything else is done half-heartedly and without much consideration.
I mean I don’t see why people are even buying these op toons anymore?
Wars are busted , events are crap asf, bugs are getting worse, makes no sense to drop a ton of dollar on a sub- standard product


She’s not fat she’s thick.

Not to shot the messagers but what exactly was @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely taking to team all this time?
Was it because they only listened to the top few factions and what they wanted for the game?

But it’s has looked like they are trying to shut up shop from Xmas by alienating the player base to quit, widening the gap was just part it. Internal glitches and events that were made that could not be completed.
If not for loopholes in the piper event who would have finished it?
Can’t wait for all the bugs glitches and lock outs this feature brings.

Pretty much predicting whats going to happen to some whales when this game is gone. Can only neglect debt payments for so long

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And if everybody quits because of their #FakeRage these forms are going to be dead. I love seeing the out rage over something that isn’t out yet nor do you know if you’re going to have to spend or not. Let it come out and then let the salt fly. I mean my gosh it’s a freaking video game does everything have to be fair in this world?

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Thanks didnt catch that changed it lol

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Not about being fair it’s like someone pointed out earlier I’m not putting money into a substandard product anymore they cant have 1 event go off without some sort of bug they dont release toons that work the game overall is falling apart. Yet here people are trying to justify to themselves that spending more money with them will make it a better product

I mean, at the end of the day, you don’t need to spend your money here

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I have put a lot of money into this game and starting to see that it’s not being invested on quality of life improvements for the game. I’ll pose this question When was the last time you used Smelling Salts? We have been getting them for war for 3 years yet I have never used 1 in this game. We get basic tokens from war 3 years after it’s been introduced yet they drop a new premier every Friday like clockwork. The money isnt going into the quality of the game it’s being used to get some suckers to spend more money on broken toons. It’s time to wake up


Thats the point I’m making it’s time to stop wasting money. If you went to a restaurant that was good for the first 2 or 3 times then everytime you went back the food got worse and the service was bad and the prices kept going up how long would you continue to go to that restaurant.