The F2P Oddecy, First Chapter

Time to do some difficult things.For me at least.I just 6 started Laopo and well…I wanna see if I can max him In a week…Il keep making updates on each day…Please leave your tips below…Let’s do this


I’m not completely f2p (I buy the monthly pass) but I also just ascended Laopo today and he is almost T4. With these constant level-ups, you have to figure out when to stop and start saving for the next. Once I get the torches, I may go for another milestone or two but then I stop since I know I’m not getting Top 3 so it’s not worth it to keep going. So my training camps are constantly going, I hope a YGL pops up and since it’s after a war weekend, I had plenty of 3stars, 4stars and trainers to use.

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? Have some bene ready for last levels, see if you can send him alone in ygl at tier 3-4 (very high chance + helper item to send in guaranteed) Lvl him only when u have tts.
There are no tips. Simple lvl up. Good luck


Thought u gonna go for full s class version in 6 days. Doing a t3 6* is not even worth a discussion :smiley:


A single toon for guaranteed success without territories works only with S Class. I tried it…

*cough cough Laopo is a girl *cough cough


Tts does not influence ygl. I was speaking about bonus chance items. And yes, talking bout s class (as i thought he asks about s class…lvling a 6* in 6 days should be doable for any f2p that has laopo)
And having tts when normal lvling.

Is he? :dagger:
I know, just looking like a '“he”

Gender doesn’t effect outcome :joy:

Yes it does influence YGL. When I stated that I tried it, I meant that. :sweat_smile:
And I know you were talking about the other territories, I just wanted to mention my idea. :smiley:

That’s racist! :sweat_smile:

Nope, just like when you see a girl and you suddenly feel her name is Laura. Girl’s name is Kate, but u keep calling her Laura.
So with Laopo. He looks like a he :smiley:

Im gonna get raulito and level him since they might do one for him.

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Like i know what country you were born, @Bogdan.
You should know that too just by looking at my name :))

Well, except for the fact this Laura/Kate is asian. Anyway, I was just joking. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Same here :)) Roumanian humor :smiley:

To be fair, I have no idea. You sound eastern european, too.
But my name could also be polish. :sweat_smile:

Keep coining YGL, and use 3* & 4* u got from war that helped me get my second Priya to tier 4 in just few hours

That cus u don’t see a bald women everyday