The event is bad. Tell me your rewards!

For my three days of grinding. You won’t believe what I got 35 useless cakes and 2 whole burts 0: you guy cant top that I gurentee




You were grinding for A CHANCE of a decent reward. I’m sure you had checked the odds prior grinding. It’s 3%. Took a shot, got nothing. Shit happens. Nothing to see here.

PS. Though I agree that the design of this event is pathetic.


Swap for those cakes,

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Cakes are good now. I’d be happy if I got 35 from the wheel.


cakes are good … (Disclaimer) if you’re not screwed out of using them that is


Cakes are good if you happen to get the premier or if you didn’t combine your Priyas for the S-Class (which lots did). You wanna explain how they’re good otherwise?

Yes defo used cakes for the first time today, not been able to before now, they will be useful sometime in the future I’m sure (I hope)

Sure. They’ve shown they’re willing to re-promo S-class toons, and as long as you don’t have all of them, the one you don’t have yet will come. Then you’ll either get a significant boost to your total, or a substantial (retroactive) discount on your first 5* version if you’re willing to power-level it in that week.

This is a resource management game, the trick is to make a profit on converting resources when the right opportunity strikes.


By the time most of us even get 2 S Class characters (besides the free ones they gave like Christa/James and Kapoor) they won’t have them up anymore and instead they’ll have about 10 more that they could put back up on premier. Don’t forget, lots of people don’t even have Priya yet (or already converted her to S Class). They easily could have put up a character that was out for free into one of those collections (a past login character or a character on the 5 star wheel) but the odds of that happening isn’t good whatsoever.

The cake characters are also always on promo, right? No one would buy a promo for G2 Zeke or Solange.

shrug I don’t have any, not even the free ones, and used this opportunity to open some of the choice boxes I collected from the roadmap, and the ones they sent out. I effectively got 5* Priya for 2900 collectibles instead of 4000, assuming I can level her by the time the cake collection runs out (worst comes to worst, I’ll have to open a Pathways crate or two), and have turned choice boxes containing four options into one containing six options. Seems pretty good to me.

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Currently Burt Burt and Brady

i got 2 burt and 1 5 star negan, and thats enough for me to stop grind this event.


Not just this event. Michonne’s blessings could have been far better. All we really need is a stash which you can finish for free but complete more quickly for money or another Garrett/Michelle event where you collect items (which can also be completed for free but more quickly with real money).

Whoever thought “another wheel, I’m really on to something and like the most awesome person ever” needs a bit of constructive feedback.


Sure, but it wouldn’t hurt them to set up a collection for a character they gave out for free, as I said. They don’t need to put one of them up as premier. That’s good for you, not many people have as many collectables.

The only reason people wouldn’t have that many collectables is if they just cashed in on a S-class, in which case they need to wait a few weeks to rebuild a stock of choice boxes, or they play the game very very casually (i.e. not running the daily map, grabbing the torches from low level milestones, in a faction that doesn’t have enough members for war etc.) and most in that camp probably don’t have enough cakes anyway.

It probably makes sense now to not cash in on choice boxes if you have enough to get the S-class, but instead wait until you’e 2k (minus the stock you already have for the ones you are expecting) over, effectively solving the first case. Though I can understand people not wanting to do that.

I’m just barely breaking 3k collectables for Priya, I do the roadmap whenever I earn enough for it, I do whatever I can to earn them. Not sure what I’m doing wrong then. I know many are in the same boat.

I chose Priya from the Onslaught rewards. I don’t remember the exact amount, but I had to collect 30 30-collectible boxes, the 500 they handed out at the very beginning, and all the 50-collectible boxes (400ish? don’t remember exactly), so that’s about 1.8k. Still have about 1.8k left in boxes, and enough torches for 5 runs I think, so even without Onslaught, Michonne or Typhoon there should be enough to get Priya by now. My numbers include a top 10 in one Champion’s arena, but we don’t place very high in war (not top 50). Oh, and I used my 10 weekly mission comics on the museum offer for 300, but the extra collectibles from events should cover that.

Not sure what else I could have done differently from you.

I would take the cakes. I got 2 burts and a brady