The epic ascendance drought


I just thought it be interesting to note this weekend brings it up to 8 weeks, that’s 2 months since the last f2p ascendable character.
It really doesn’t matter that your lacking characters in that time you have managed to produce 9 P2p characters, with more looking likely in the next few weeks with winter editions. This is unacceptable, legacy characters should be priority, over new shiny characters, I don’t get how we can get this through to you guys, we still have only got 11 f2p legacy characters.
You need to make this ASAP we have waited long enough for them there are over 200 legacy characters aparantley at this rate its gonna be 4/5 years before we see them all, this game won’t be here then at this rate


At the very least, Scopely’s designers should alternate between creating new a premier and upgrading an older legacy toon (Both previous premiers and F2P 5*s.)

Ideally there should be one new premier released at the weekend and midweek release a legacy toon.


Don’t you remember that letter the CEO or whoever it was wrote after the spendingstrike? Scopely wants to show a money first attitude if i remember correctly. At least thats what they have showed so far.


That scopely still hasn’t responded to this issue is a travesty


Well they did say it takes 3 "months to design a new character so that means they have still have a month before it becomes completly unacceptable. Or that would be the case if there wasn’t leaks of already completed characters


They’ve created half the characters from the initial list months ago. VK leaked them then. Any excuse given is a lie. Scopely is trying to force spending for 6-stars and pretending it’s not the case.


Tyreese, Carl, Mirabelle, Shane, Siddiq, Shiva, Yumiko, yellow Negan and Abe are all free as well. Sure some players may have paid to get them but I did get Tyreese, Mirabelle, Negan and Abe without spending for them.

However, it’s been 2 months since there was a free toon available, outside of Dwight - but only a few got him, even less without spending.


I dont even have the medals to ascend anyone, so give it a couple more months so I can collect enough from survival rd depo… :joy: (sarcasm)


I get what you are saying. I am saying FREE = no money spent. The post I was replying to was saying FREE = guaranteed - which no toon is. Even Zeke, brought up in the post, was not a guarantee.


I heard lead designer quit. Must have had a conscience. Jk.
Badly run company. (Maybe)

Rumours but…
Doesn’t fully explain the drought.


It’s even more depressing to me when I think about how it would take them a fraction of the time one new premier takes, to do a 6* for a legacy toon. I understand that you want to milk the customer base for as much money as possible, but if you do it right, you can easily make bank on legacy 6*s too.


If the game were fun anymore, I might not mind that they have shafted those of us who have gone free to play. But I have paid before.

As it stands I have 17 days left “playing” this game. Since all any of it seems anymore is a grind for zero return. And I don’t know about the Rest of You, but I for one am tired of running their machine from a hamster wheel, with absolutely zero in return for my time, my apparently false belief that they meant any of the things they have said in and since Albert’s letter. I would be happy If he even said anything before years end, but who knows, maybe he was the one who allegedly quit. All I do know is the timer is ticking for scopely to dangle some real effort into keeping me for one as a player.

Sure I have over 2 years invested, but with the 6s nullifying the value out of all of my 5s and less, What exactly would I or any of us really be loosing if we leave, Especially since it looks as if the entire Game is both run, designed, and managed by RNG?