The end of this game

I really hope this game is going to die very soon. Mercer is killing entertainment. After testing Mercer’s defense i just want to stop this game. I hope scopely will loose their players and their money. I am fed up with all these bullshhhhh. Bye scopely. All players should be reacting like me and stop spending and playing this game who is totally ruined by you avarice.


Just going to hate this game day after day. Going back to my PS4




Get some stun resists.


I just feel angry . Very very very angry and full of rage since Mercer has been released.


I am full stun resist on my attack team , 63% , 64% , 55%… But they are still stun 9 times on 10


I don’t entertain anymore because of Mercer.


Stun resist legit does nothing
All 5 of my toons 65% and over most of the time 4 or 5 stunned
It took all skill away from the game and made it true rng
Mercer sucks


Stun resist does work but it does come back to rng of your mods of course.

Frustrating for sure, but stick with it, just have to build around it and compensate for a lack of a first turn I guess. Btw I haven’t figured how to do it yet either, we should make a strategy guide post at some stage.


Strategy guide on how to get good in RTS:
Step 1. Spend lots of money which will put you into a better bucket.
Step 2. Keep spending stupid amounts of money so you stay in or go to an even better bucket.
Step 3. You are now “lucky” and will win.


Lol. Bro. Rng will still fook you if youre in the wrong bucket. Thats like saying, “get a different coin to flip.”



Noted. Goodbye

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Eso te pasa por no haber estado presntando atención el juego es de estrategia asi que todos estos años que llevas juegando no as aprendido nada de como aser una buena estrategia si pierdes todo el rato por culpa acusa de ese personaje es problema tuyo de de los desarrollades

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Y que es eso de que los demas deberian pensar como tu si tu eres el que pierde todo el tiempo
Imagino que los demas no van a desinstalar el juego porque alguien como tu no sabe juegar bien si quieres desinstala el juego quizá se te pase lo de no admitir de que no eres bueno en el juego

Threat shmeat.

Either quit or be quiet.


I wish i could understand your anger. But the truth is, Mercer won’t be much of a threat soon.
One of the next toons will introduce new specialist skill, which will be another type of reflecting dmg after Payback Negan. And it will be combination with cutthroat - every time this character is under debilitating status (stun, impair, confuse etc), deals 150% damage to the entire enemy team.
Also, another place where you should put your money is platinum mods, everyone knows that gold stun mods are so yesterday.
Anyway, byeeee.

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I’m in much doubt myself. On one hand im getting very close to s class priya, ive got 2 6 stars and enough cones and have spend some money some months back which would be lost if i quit. On the other hand; the game costs me a lot of time while i have a wife and kids. The game itself is basically created not for the best experience, but for creating addicts and to get as much money out of people who have a weakness for gambling.

I dont want to endorse a company which can be seen as drug pushers in a way, but the loss of built up friendships in game is hard as well.

But by just typing all of this i know what to do. Good bye and take care.


Yeah but what the point when a future promo will probably have recover all at the beginning of each wave making mercer and other toons pointless or lose effectiveness

Touche, true points. But it couldn’t hurt to try to help the f2p amongst us

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True, unfortunately that’s the model to keep folks spending

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