The End/My Finale


Well Scopely, time to add my sword to the iron throne…

After two years of playing and two top ten performing factions under my wing, I decided it was time to call it quits.

Yes. I know, Kalishane. These “goodbye” posts get hidden to control the fact that several people are quitting recently. I admire you trying your best to control the situation.

But after all these 6* being handled erroneously. After all these prizes and pointless events… I finally am leaving while the getting is good. I know you’re trying, but no one at Scopely is listening.

It would be very easy to give the players a reprieve but no one at Scopely is paying attention.

What made this game magical in the beginning has become a grind-fest and a chore. I let my factions know I am leaving for other reasons but the real reasons are here in this post.

I won’t be retiring and lurking about. The only thing I enjoyed was off-topic convos and my dominance in the “Meme Competition”

Good luck everyone.

-Eder leader of Task Force |Barrow Region|

P.S. Scopely: Keep Surviving!

The best pop-up this game has to offer ^^




Dead game and a dying franchise altogether. Sad to see the game fall so far but this company is way past caring anymore.



Sorry everyone, we don’t allow Goodbye posts, as Negan points out.

However, feel free to connect with him in PM, on Line, etc.