The end has begun

With the new s-class it’ll make medium spenders and less completely irrelevant thanks scopely for making this a drop 3k a month type game


For the price of this one toon you could buy a god tier gaming PC :joy:


It will make med spenders go f2p lol this is even more reason for me not to spend i would drop money on this game if everything wasnt the way it is, even the top teams are fighting for number 1 region in TOC lol they are still dropping tons of money after being screwed yet again

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You only think this now :joy: :joy: 7 months of cash grabbing more than ever before but as long as the whales are happy who cares

Exactly what i will be doing! AMD just came out with their new CPU and GPU lines and i need an upgrade, 4k on high settings on pc is just beautiful!

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Waiting till next Memorial Day week-end to make me new pc the one I built in 2015 is still holding strong.

I own amd stock :joy: hope that shiz will go up

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Mine is still going strong and im on an FX 8350 from 2012 lol going mini itx this time so i can transport it around a lot easier, I’ll prob pick everything up on cyber monday or hit uo the microcenter here as its only like 30 min away

It is! They will be the ones who break the barrier of gpu and cpu fusing, put money on their apu line, its going to be a beast soon and take over the market

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They’re also monopolizing the console market by making custom chipsets for both the new Xbox and Playstation

Microcenter all the way on Memorial Day week end. Built my rig under 500 dollars. 32 gigs for of ram and a Radeon sapphire that was released 3 months before I bought all the stuff for my computer from a co-worker that was super pissed when he bought it, because it had its heat sink rails bent and he wanted it non-damaged. Took it off his hands for a hundo. Best decision I’ve made on a 3-month old brand new graphics card.

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Yup and getting into servers also so the cloud gaming like stadia will be on amd hardward, once they get an soc apu they will be going into mobile, they really did a 360 and turned it around, intel and nvidia are jokes at this point and i use nvidia gpu lol


Shoot my first vehicle was $1000 drove it for 8 years and gave it to my old man who drove it another 5 before giving it to someone else. Or I could get halfway to the new toon lol


I can’t even fathom how much money I would have to have to blow 2k on a toon.

Two big screen TVs? Two gaming pcs? New furniture? Literally hundreds of things a reasonable person would see more value in.

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That’s awesome I bought a brand new top dog PC about a year ago just now working to get the best graphics card it could handle.

Same here, bro. I bring in good money, and have a fair amount of “disposable” income. But, Scopely is so shady, no matter how much i enjoy the RTS game mechanics, i could NEVER get behind doleing out any sort of substantial sum for ANYTHING with their name on it. Principle. All these folks that continue to give them money for nothing (queue the Dire Straits) need to reassess their ethos compass.

AMD just dropped their 5000 series cards, the 5700 and 5700xt are beasts! I’ll be waiting for the 5600xt and after market coolers and be good for years to come, right now is prob one of the best times to get into pc gaming, these companies are tading blows and lowering prices while making faster and better tech, AMD dropped prices by like $50 - $100 cause Nvidia came out with their super series line, i need to be ready to max out dying light 2 in 4k with all the eye candy turned on lol

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That is what it comes down to for me, principle. I dont support companies or people who do shady shit, that’s all their is to it, my money will go elsewhere



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