The effect of leagues on territories

I’m really disappointed, leagues have ruined the competitive nature of territories. I’ve seen that people arent stacking territories and just taking them for trophies and leaving them to be taken over by walkers. Most of the time half of the territories are taken over by walkers. Leagues have taken away a HUGE part of the game. There’s no competition even with the 4* territories. This is a really big disappointment and I hope things change! Screenshot_20181213-103642|690x388

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Their solution was to reduce energy required to take walkered territories.
Scopely is lazy as always

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Who tf cares about territories ? I walker every territory I can deal with it

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There’s way too many flaws to territories to blame it all on leagues.

meh scopelycare factor zero,

I do miss territory wars lol was fun to make people coin one to hold it and talk sh*t to get jumped in territories, it was a huge part of the game tbh, taking or attacking someones territory. Alliances made just for territories, it was crazyness but it was a lot of fun, now we can only beat people up in war every other weekend or in raids and its just not the same really as taking someones territory after they smack talk in gc

I miss walkering TT’s over a disagreement with another faction… good ol’ times.

I miss attacking emerge and shed territories :stuck_out_tongue:

And all the popups it causes nowadays is giving me cancer…

I think we just need the number of teams we can place to increase

My region only places 1 eat in any territory now.
So we have them a hour at a time.

No rule or anything was put in place…just everyone give up trying to keep them.
Become impossible.

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