The Dying Region Thread

We need a list of all the regions that are dying off. Clear and concise. This will help us understand the scope of the issue and make it easier to see what we as players and regions need to do to make the upcoming Account Migration work the best for us and the game…

Cook Region. The last All out War we had 12 factions with at least 30 wars. That seems rather competitive, but its not 6 of those factions actually battle for the top 5 spots with the top 2 always the same.

There already is a official dying region thread

Where it is? Lol

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Toombs Region, reporting for merging/transference!

Like most threads that one broke down into a “we hate Scopely but continue to funnel money to them” argument. Ugh

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I had asked for a response to that thread and I am happy we got an official public announcement about region migration recently. I was going to archive the thread but if you feel the urge to post your region’s stats then you can totally use that thread if you want.

I think we need a more concise thread honestly


Agree. And it would be helpful if people would just post the facts and not go off on rants. (you know who you are)


A spreadsheet with some basic stats would be nice. We lost 5 in the past 2 weeks from #1faction

If someone would volunteer to document the information that would be very helpful.

What facts exactly are we looking for from each region?

“I am going to ask you 3 questions” type thing.

I’m merely an idea man. Lol… Where is @LadyGeek ? The Mistress of Spreadsheets! The Queen of Info!

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lol…“We need someone to make a thing! Not me though…someone else”.


Cook region is more dead than what was indicated. I think there were really only like 6 factions actually warring last region war. With regards to “top 2 take everything”… that doesn’t indicate a dying region, because that’s every single region in the game, basically even active ones.

I was thinking the same thing lol. I am queen of spreadsheets in my faction but dont have the time for something this large :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Jenkins had 8 that had 30 fights, plus another 5 or so that came within 5 or so. Big thanks to whomever compiled the data.

@Goddess was tracking the number of factions in each war per region for a while, but I don’t know if she is still updating it.

Yes! Goddess will know the way! :smiley:

The first thing you need to do is define parameters for what a dead/dying region is. Number if players competing in level up, number of factions over _____ wars. Total wars for AOW, etc. no sense in collecting all this if it’s nust going to be everyone saying their region is dying send help.

Once this is done, you need to present your case for how to deal with these regions. Personally I think dead regions should be exit only.