The dying of a great game


I am, was a whale. I have invested more than 20k in your game. And it looks more and more every day that my money was a giant waste… You people have such potential to keep a good game going. But your money hungry, greedy ways are finally showing. I have a roster 160 epic/legendary characters deep and 145 were just rendered useless by your 6* buffing… my region is dying because you have created such a massive paywall that no one is even warring anymore. Cans barely drop, when you purchase things, you get the lowest amount. All your deals are simply freaking rediculous, 50 bucks for two liliths and some garbage.

I want to continue playing this god damn game but it looks like it’s reaching the end of its rope, scopley, keep on surviving.


your not dedicated enough.


I got the crate ironically enough


Top 3 in bartow have 17 wars only 20 factions are even warring


They’ve effectively choked all players progress and fun. Very poor management of meta transition. I really want to know who there plays at a high level f2p or p2p wise doesn’t matter. Id bet money you’d be hard pressed to find an employee even close to a top 3 faction level at least that’d be the only way to explain many of the decisions.

Endgame sets the tone for the rest, with a poor endgame all other facets suffer as well.


the game has become too complex for scopely. they simply cant estimate the impact of newly introduced changes (they also have admitted this)

so this will be an interesting future :wink: good luck!


The hour long waits for the search to complete after filling are a nice addition as well. I’m sure it keeps people logging on.


This is the least fun war weekend since the inaugural CRW


That’s very sad, but everyone can see the game is heading to that direction.


Yup, it’s not quite dead yet, it’s more like a old dog in living agony grasping onto its dying breath, needs put out of its misery


They should sell the source code to different company which has more resources or make it open source for privat servers

I even have already made my mind how to solve the gambling-money problem: simply you get coins by farming a lot which you can than use for pulls :slight_smile:


I’m gutted.
Thought Scopley was changing a corner and the release of 6s was going to be fun and restore balance.
Didn’t think tier 3 would have come this soon never mind tier 4.
Also expected 10 more 6
from older toons by now.

But they rush things for quick injection of cash…probably to get new investment partners.

I mean have you read the website and how they describe what there doing and how there using us.

I agree, the deals, the crates you buy,…everything has become lazy and poor.

The said awhile ago they were fixing war but this War has been spitting people out of the game, showing Raid energy instead of war, not many wars been had…the games a mess.

I don’t care how bad the current staff are at working on the game Scopley have made more than enough to get new staff in who can turn the game around, fix it and lead it to new heights while still making profit.
But they seem to be working on a bare minimum budget on the game…while the office looks like a billionaires computer room…a billionaire who’s really bored and likes buying funky shit like expensive coffee machines.

The whole things becoming a joke.
Some suspect there purposely destroying the game to reduce players and therefore reduce the backlash they get when they stop the game altogether.
Basically a cash grab.

And getting Kirkman to advertise the new event is a great move to have him endorse them.
Bet he hasn’t clue there using him.


The main issue is that Scopely never seemed to have a long term plan for any new feature or skill. Instead forcing themselves into a corner with an endless downward spiral of ever more powerful toons to counter last weeks too powerful toons.

Wizards of the Coas proved with Magic: The Gathering that you can create a complex yet very balanced game. Some 25 years later there are over 16000 different card released, with barely a hundred that has been banned or restricted.

Game testing, long term plan, and the courage to roll back changes that did not pan out as planned fast.


I feel bad for Robert. I do believe that he would pull their license if he was aware of these issues.


I just hope there will be some guy who summerizes all the misary which is happening and release it on a gaming news site like it was done in the past. I kind of have the impression it has reached the CEOs

While complaining in this forum doesn’t reach shit, prollly just the cleaning lady who is making jokes of us


I have never known Robert to be like that @Burlzy


yes, I wish they make some adjustments to hire some staff that actually know what they are doing.


Scopely should consider hiring some ppl from Netmarble. I’ve been playing Marvel Future Fight for over a year and I can’t remember a single fuck up ever. Especially not 2 in a day every week or so. They also have everything very reasonably priced and there is no “chance” at getting something. If you pay for it you get it. Even when they go down for maintenance the players are warned 24 hours in advance and always rewarded with something for their patience. Usually something equivalent to tier 3 or 4 gear in RTS. Please stop sucking the life out of this game. It’s not enjoyable anymore. Ppl are quitting in droves.


Game was pretty much on life support before 6* stuff, they just pulled the plug with that nonsense and are speeding up the end. I give this game 6mths TOPS.


Many other games have similar shitty drop rates (or worse) but people complain far less, and have fun, summoners war comes to mind. Because you can earn the currency in game its not as bad pay to win, more like pay to not grind.