The dude who wrote the algorithm for war matching system, which has messed up all top factions


You are the “BEST” ! Now that many top players are quitting, the money should be deducted from your salary.


Maybe not quitting, but very disappointed to have to swallow third place due to getting less than half the matches the top two teams got.

Kinda sucks, but the rewards were meh so no big deal. Would be nice if they fixed it for next war though…


Let s hope so! Sucks to see people disappointed.


Our 4th place finisher had ten or more fewer wars and had nearly 90% matching to top 2 all weekend. we, as fifth, ended up with a nearly 23% against each of the top 4 and only very rarely got below that. The one commonality, wait times to match, when other facs were on queue, of 30 min to an hour.

By far the most boring war in a loooong time.




Indeed … the only enjoyable faction event is now trash. We waited 30+ minutes to get the same 2 opponent faction. Scopely you need to do something really fast unless you want to lose even more players.


My faction faced the same team 3-5 times in a row, and then it kept going back and forth between the top 3 factions when we were in 10th place. This is most likely due to what another community member mentioned how top factions lose a lot of reputation to get matched up faster and with lower factions to bully them and get easy points. It was a messy war weekend and I barely participated. I did make some points but not even half of the minimum my faction leader set.


The way i see it is they madr it this way so top players in top factions get discouraged and quit. Then the players who don’t spend decide to say we can take top spot. Its a money hungry move the way 6* was.


Almost same happened to us in 1st day of the war then we picked up pace on Sunday and got a close win considering previous wars and we were undefeated whole war would be a shame not to be 1st.


Nothing more fun then sitting in the que , while war happens around you


Yea, let’s not attack or insult others. Constructive feedback please. Thank you!