The diference between ftp players and those who pay is larger than never before


Dont you feel the difference between those who pay and those who dont has been larger than never before?

They keep releasing overpowered premium charactees and on the other side they just keep releasing mediocre free to play characters, yeah they are usually free and you just need to put some little effort to get them but they basically are characters that doesnt have any merit at all they are just there surviving, there arent almost any specialists, and andrea didnt make any difference, they are just regular toons that keep you from being erased from the game by premium characters just for a few more seconds.

Really for me this is getting annoying as never before, whats the point of getting into events just to earns this mediocre character if ftp players are just now out of any kind of competition?


You must not have been here when turn 1 teams ruled the game.


Why would it be different for F2P? Are you forgetting about Priya in the 5* era? or Konrad? :laughing:


Also there’s has never been more chances for F2P players to pull premium players thenpeiple have payed for only a few months ago.


yeah im ftp got some ptp character


I actually agree here, I accept in the 5* days 1 turn teams were a problem, but back then even F2P could take out the heaviest shield by commanding Andrea.

I bought Lydia, only because I don’t want to be left behind, but the chances of F2P being able to take down dual Jesus shields with Lydias sitting behind them is damn near zero.


And both are currently available in the league stash.


Except when people put stun/impair/absolute defense on the shield :joy:


I have to side a little with this. Yeah, T1 sucked, but I’d say only top factions took advantage of that. The time between f2p ascendables(is that even a word?) is pretty lengthy considering we got the list of toons that will be ascended only to have 4 out of 10 offered when you Scopely has no issues turning over promo toons like Lydia who a lot think she is “game breaking”. Not to mention Scopely re-rolling Erika and Magna, which Magna is again a promo(Just in time for CRW).


Game has always had back gap I’ve been around since the 3* days when I had 3* team others had 4* at the top finally get a 4* team now they have 5* team. I get 5* team now they have this way better premium 5* has been going on forever always been lopsided


Exactly, before the 6* era i had a team of 4 5* andrea and one 5* neutralizer tyresse and i could beat almost anyone and all of those were ftp, now something like that is not posible anymore, the ftp have normal stats, and slow ar, no specialist skill and nothing compare to the premium characters


One turn teams were OP on attack. But f2p could always hit P2P. The P2P defenses now are a joke. Will become even more of a joke with Lydia. Also mods made the gap even bigger. Make six stars with active skills and then make them useless with mods. Its a never ending money grab.

So yes, the gap has never been bigger. And it will continue to increase.


Andrea made such a little difference that I see whales using her as lead


I smell 5* weps coming soon …and 45ar 6* coming soon…


That is just the nature of this game.


Carl zeke 2 shivas and glenn. Free team and with the right free weapons can take out good teams too. But not only that your complaining people with money are buying coins to get better teams. Well guess what thanks to the league you just got 900-1400 free coins. Save them and buy a premier yourself. I think scopely did a good job giving coins as a reward.


I have only been playing like 2 years but I don’t remember them giving out coins like this in the past


They never did world map gave some that’s about it


Priya was the first toon I actually spent real money on (vs tapjoy) and I didn’t get her. 2 priya, Yellow michonne shield with Abs0, a command toon, maybe SRzeke. Ridiculously impossible…Then I learned T1/T2 and got a spot in our #1 faction so I didn’t have to fight against that BS cuz no one else had that setup.


Guess you forgot about Priya. Back when we didn’t have active skills that was fun facing a pair of them with Yichonne.