The designs of six star characters now are horrible


They spent much more time making the five star Lee"Around Every Corner" than the six star.


Well, check this out


They should make a Dark Souls Edition survivor. Nice drawing tho


It’s not Dark Souls, it’s just a psychopath


I’ll agree here. He looks fine here but the others’ style doesn’t look right. kunai sandy looks like she came out of a forever 21 store


Wtf kind of pants is she wearing?


definitely hot topic


y’all thought their clothes were bad.

Bruh, look at this dude.


He looks like Matt’s Asian brother.


Yeah, but Scopely did a good job with translating Matt, Pocky and Yvette into the game, but this dude looks so off, he may not even be based off a real person…


His nose looks too realistic


That goes for every part of his face except his pupils, but Ajax has detailed eyes and it doesn’t look off.


Honesty it looks like Scopely went to a funeral and took a photo of a dead guy’s face and made it into a toon. He just looks… Dead.


I’ve been wanting a Bride character, she’d look like a mess with smeared makeup and would be tough so she could have a shotgun. “Till Death Do We Part” for her rush, have this all thought out hahaha


what about michone with 2 zombies chained it will look nice


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