The designs of six star characters now are horrible


The reason why I like this game so much is because of the art style. I feel like the artists are being rushed to draw promos every single week. It’s been awhile since I saw a character wearing kneepads. Flak jacket? Now Tier 4 for six star characters is backpack, ripped clothes, knife sheath, and bloodstains.


What kind of designs would you like to see?

Any suggestions or ideas you can offer in addition to your observations?


Just actual creativity. I’m also tired of characters looking like they found a stash of Abercrombie and Fitch clothing.


It may sound weird but I’d like to see a toon dressed as a clown all colorful and creepy would be interesting


Completly agree. The Designs have become boring a whole while ago. There are some exceptions of course like 6* Davie. I can make a list with a few of my designs later on and explain why I designed them like this.


Agreed. Let’s be real here; Knox in his suit at tier 1 is way cooler than his later ripped and stained tiers.


Sounds like a cool Idea too me. I would like too see a ton of things.


Especially Lee and Red Sandy(waiting to be released)


I feel like in some cases, it’s because of how small/cramped the toon is, so it’s hard to put too much detail in them, for example 6* Anna. She’s a smaller toon so she looks more bland than say 6* red Rosita or 6* green Victor


See if it makes sense;


Davie in a kilt…can you be more creative lol


people complained about the fact that toons have too much on them, now its too little…
with time i started to like the look of the first 6☆. they felt different then the 5☆. now its starting to look as if scopely trying to make 6☆ look like 5☆ before introducing the legendary toons, and i know why… 7☆ lol.


Sounds absolutely perfect for davie imo


How about axel dressed like captain spaulding?


Captain Spaulding? :thinking:




Davie would be perfect for that haha
Or Sawyer?!


Yeah sawyer :joy:


Defenitly Sawyer. :joy:


U hear this @JB.Scopely the people have spoken and we want clowns