The day territories died

For a long time, my region was dominated by a faction of whales. These whales were nice when it came to territories, playing in and out of a rotation that mostly gave everyone an opportunity to grab what they needed. Then transfers opened and they left and for a couple weeks, we had peace.

A new whale factions came in hungry as could be. Over the course of the last hour they grabbed every open territory. This single faction claimed more than half the map. No doubt they stacked them all with great teams as well. The time of starvation has come, this is ragnarok.

I think territories suck, but its another source of farmable goods for me and there are a few that are useful (crits, success, world energy, survivors +, etc). The whole rotten mess should be overhauled. So lay out your ideas for how to make territories worth your time here

I think it should just be your faction in the territory map, not the whole region. Balance this by making walkers tougher, or more of them, or adding human teams.


They are a bunch of morons when they don’t share crafting territories or at least place low def teams in there.

Use those heavy def teams in territories as kind of training.


Only thing you can do is take out 1 or 2 toons then end the battle they lose energy for it still.

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Whats the issue wait for the shield to drop an have at it… from what you say you don’t even know what teams have added?


I love walkering territories

Yeah, I’m sorry. This doesn’t sound like much of an issue as you don’t even know the teams that went in. Theres no problem with any faction taking half the map IF they dont stack s class teams in them. Id rather see an all red map than an all white one. Show me that that have a frost trader combo in crits and then ill agree. But my faction has half the territories often. Then we have none because others grab what they need. Noones greedy.


they seem to have been largely responsive to some of the global chat. some folks got on their case and they backed off. perhaps the stewardship of my region is not in such dire straights


Hate to be that guy, but, territories was dead in the water, mediocre bonuses (except the weapon zone) and mostly dominated by whales. After a few months most regions became civilized in regards to the mode, and I personally ignore it unless forced to participate.

The real day when territories died was when leagues were introduced 2 yrs ago (expand for details)

The 3x base reward on solo trophies and 1x on fac trophies seemed to be the incentive for everyone hitting territories 24/7, but not caring to post any defense, so suddenly a third of the map was locked under shield and two thirds were walkered…

Sometime later, Scopely introduced the “balancing” decision to reward 1x base reward for solo and faction trophies when hitting walkers. Didn’t help one bit, as folks were after the 3x solo reward still…

Then the season11 came around and behold - both an occupied as well as walkered territory give exactly the same trophy rewards - 1x base for both solo and faction… But after 10 weeks of “let me be the first to clear all non-shielded territories” and “I never bother posting a defense” from the average player, territories are beyond salvation…

Don’t get me wrong - personally don’t think there’s anything wrong with walkering territories, at least not those that you can clear out of walkers in 3-4 hits as they drop a nice amount of survivors, besides some items and gear (something not obtainable against a human defense), if it weren’t for some important bases such as Suburbia (25% disassemble bonus) and Fortified town (20% Survivor boost) that require 7 walker sweeps and because of a small 3-wave hit, the survivor drop is pathetic…

As for a tweak on territories, I’ve suggested several times in @Parker’s recaps to implement a malus/penalty system for holding multiple territories (-def and/or -atk, eventually even shortedr shield for every territory after a first)…


I like the penalty argument so much that I would actually argue it personally, not just on the community’s behalf :laughing:

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The entire ttys map has been trash since the day they launched it into the game. Still crashes all the time. They should just completely remove it fron the game. All those ttys are good for is the comic relief that comes in the global chat with people arguing over them.

My personal experience i get just as many good crafts with crits then i do without. Its 100%rng.

Xp ttys and item drop for thr lower factions building up are the only real good one. Most veteran players habe a stoke pile of different refills. And if i needed survivors i just farm the last stage of Area 25 on the world map. 5 hits ans i got over 300 survivors.

The best solution for the ttys map is to simply jist get rid of it.

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This is what makes some whale factions stack em with good teams

idc i like anarchy lmao

I’ve always been of the opinion any time Scopely gives anything away for free/grinding, the players should help each other maximize the amount Scopely has to give away.

So, yeah, I keep my defense dropped not just during raid tourneys, but any time outside of War/Onslaught. I let people jump in my faction to get rewards if they’re not going to get any in their faction. And when I look at white territories, I wonder why someone feels it’s better to stop Scopely giving away stuff for free.


Because like I said, anarchy is fun.
The best part? They never know who did it so gc turns into a massive cesspool of anger.

Some men just want to watch the GC burn


I feel for you I truly do! I know it’s frustrating AF to have a ton of ppl who only care about milking a region for WOC to suddenly hop in and füçk shite up for the rest of the factions.

If they would’ve just let ppl who wanted to leave a region, leave we wouldn’t have problems like this jmo.

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whales bod

Love this🤗

never actually thought of it that way… good take on it.

I’ll just use my E an if take a ter I’ll add crap teams if can’t add I’ll do the sometimes controversial 1 hit and walk away.

As said sometimes I like to test teams on ters so try find scalss teams or 6* to trial