The current state of towers in war

The best tower taking team has long been debated in the community. Everyone has their own opinion on which is best and i used to believe this was all down to strategy.
I have seen tower taking videos this morning that prove to me that it is all down to internet speed and location.

Everyone knows that there are 3 button presses before taking towers with a small loading screen between them. My loading screens last between 0.5-1 second and i assumed this was the same across the board. Most videos i’ve seen suggest this. But the videos i have seen today have loading screens that are almost instant. This is partly down to device and internet speed but its mainly due to location. This means people with slower teams than me can win simply because of where they live which is unfair.
I live in Europe with a very fast internet connection but people living closer to the game servers will always win because of those loading screens.

If you have 3 of these players in a war, they will be able to keep those towers for the whole duration of the battle because of ghosting and it gives a huge advantage to them. I don’t want to start a debate on whether ghosting is a good or bad tactic.

Ideally, we need a new method for tower taking that actually relies on skill & strategy. Not who lives closest to the game servers with the best internet connection.
Or, keep the current method but adjust how the winner is decided. Rather than “the first to contact the server wins”, maybe add a timer to the tower take and send that time to the server.
Player 1 finishes in 27.5 seconds. US West Coast Player
Player 2 finishes in 27.3 seconds. Euro player

Player 1 contacts the server first due to location and would win the tower under the current method.
If you send those times to the server instead, the tower would be awarded to Player 2 because he took the tower the quickest.


I believe I saw the same video. Loading screens were much quicker than mine.

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If … and I mean If… Meaning we are not, we were all playing a strategy game towers would work something like this:

Tower Max Bonus 40% (of something) can hold 4 teams. Each team adds 10%. Meaning 0 teams (ghosting) -> 0%
You lose a team, the bonus drops.

Strategy/Communication/Planning. We are playing some weird game with weird rules and no strategy. Fastest and richest players with 0 strategy can win.

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I like this, but it still doesn’t resolve the OP complaint.

You don’t have any Americans in your faction? Maybe they can get better at it.

That’s beside the point.

I totally understand the complaint and agree. I play side by side with someone with same internet and different device types. They always beat me to take the same tower. They are immediately in and mine stuck at loading information for 1 second.

All I am saying is there is not thought behind the tower implementation (or anything that is added) and it is what it is. I just want to play a strategy game! They need a total revamp, but as always I ask too much.

Yep loading/lag is killing my tower game…always like 3-5sec waiting on loading screen :angry:

Slightly off topic but i do like that idea.

I think the point is, it’s easy to complain about it, but there isn’t a solution. The fastest connection will win.

You just gave away the “secret”. :smirk:

This is how this game has always been and how it always will continue to be.


I know its Off topic but i can’t resist.

The state of towers in war is certain !

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It makes it only a blocking tactic which would reduce effectiveness of the tactic. Today it blocks and provides full bonus when doing so.

Imo, this is actually the best way to make the choice of whether or not to ghost more strategic.

Regarding latency/ping overall. Aside from just making it randomly awarded at the start, or always forcing a minimum load time, there’s not a whole lot that can be done. Even if you normalize the load time on the front end, you still have the server check on the back end.

It definitely comes down to internet speed i have the fastest possible internet att sells 1000 something I don’t know what it’s called but I have no lag on tower screen less than 1 second and I got towers about 80% of the time this crw

Device definitely has something to do with it. We play on two in the same faction in our flat and war started at different times. At the start, every second counts.

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