The Current Gameplay Situation

Hello All,

II have been a lurker of this forum and reddit for a while. I have played this game since the start and I have been to the top and have been to the bottom. I took a year break and I have returned to give my take on this messy situation that the developers have created over these years.

First, we have too many 6* and 5* toons that make this game so unbalanced and so unnecessary confusing to play or make strategic movement anymore. I would suggest the developers to make amend to making it is easier to upgrade these 6* toons. Why is it that after a year, you do not have a training ground for these 6* toons? Are you really going to make upgrading 6* harder to upgrade while pumping out every few days a new 6* toon that is impossible to upgrade 1 toon to full potential until 2-3 months to achieve?

The roadmaps and events are gear toward those that are willing to spend thousands to win anything but it is a joke to spend $400 a year for a 12 months membership to cover the basic.

Why is War still lagging? Have you thoughts of putting a timer on the queue to speed the wait time as many players don’t want to wait around for players to fill in the min requirement? You had sped up the queue time in your other games like WWE Champions that only require 2 players which was more rewarding for that wants to play and hit the milestones quicker than make many factions wait on members to join the fight.

Then we looks that the chance pulls for bags and tokens and 10k coins bag that don’t give you anything worth wide except chances? Why not add some guaranteed bags for once instead of RNG pulls?

I seriously doubt you guys are doing anything for the players beside robbing them every week and making them lose sleep and have micro-traction them to spend more time on a phone or tablet or pc to be glue to unbalanced game.

Maybe shorten the events like War to 36 hours, make the milestones achievable for any level player and install training ground for 6* traits that is compatible with 5* then you pump all the 6* toon you wish to do as your mod and weapon is fair.

That is my opinion.

They do the bare minimum. Just enough to keep their head above water without drowning.

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