The crit changes


As you can see in the nerf crit chance post, odds have been changed on regards to critical hits.

This became evident for beta users in sr , where crit teams on zombie teams were no longer effective and toons were dying.

The question is simple ,should the crit rate be changed ?

  • Yes
  • No

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Crit change and Headshot rush

Do you want A or B?



The wording is a bit fuzzy.

Why not say, “Should the crit rate return to what it was before the latest update. Yes or no.”

Also remember if people werent in the beta they dont know how bad sr legendary green got, lol.


Does this apply only to SR? Crit is working on a World Map walker stage. However, I did notice that in the last update, LE Jesus’ Guardian would not activate even if he had 100+ crit. I found this happening mostly during autoplay.


Lockdown. No, just no. I really like your chanel but we do not need to make things more difficult all the time. If you want to go ahead an pick the wrong team loadout for a challenge. Most of us were fine with the way things were. I know your not in the beta. Wait until you have to deal with it. It’s just a stupid cash crab so we have to buy kits or coin.


Yeh thanks gonna change it now realised after I read it but couldn’t change the poll


Don’t know how it went for u but i had troubles with zombies when i started this game, only because i kept playing and improving it became easier, so basically i worked to make it that easy, changing things now to make it harder is a slap in the face to be honest, and if u really want to make it harder u can try fighting them without a crit leader or crit weapons, problem solved lol.


That unfortunately couldn’t be further from the truth, this change has made crit all but useless from my experience , i was using crit leads with crit boosters and I was getting on average 2 /3 head shots a round which is useless in late stage sr.
I genuinely resorted to carl lead and just tanking hits from the zombies


So i can assume u never finish SR?
Or did u just walk through the zombie stages with a human team? If that is the case i’m gonna slap myself lol.


Do you have beta?
Did you complete sr?

If you answered no to the first I don’t get why you are giving scopleyy the benefit of the doubt considering their track record and b) the amount of people telling you differently with experience on this matter


Be better if we understood magnitude of impact.

If a 30% chance turns to a 10% that’s wack

But if 30% stays 30% then 100% becomes 95%, not likely to notice. It’s all about magnitude of across the scaling.


Mostly i don’t change my team in the bronze and silver stages unless like u say there is a reflect damage stage, but when the gold stage start i use my crit team against zombies which is easy, but in legendary it’s a lot harder with those stun zombies. U just finish those without any crit?


So you don’t use a crit lead on sr tournament legendary stages where they have like 27 zombies in three waves? Why? If you let them swarm you its over. You can’t be that lucky every time. Even with guardian shields, you won’t proc enough if they surround you. It was an unnecessary nerf with so many other problems that need to be addressed.

Like how about fixing how the game crashes all the time in territories costing attacks, health, and sometimes the spot. Or when it suddenly decides to go to walkers even though you captured the spot, again costing you attacks. Cheaters, vk items, coin loaders, admin spam in global chat, the list goes on and on. Fix the real problems then nerf the game to hell.


You are missing the point, the whole intention of the change is that you get diminishing returns the more crit you stack. Having a crit lead + crit weapons + crit buff is EXACTLY the situation they nerfed (even say so in their replies).

Essentially, the change makes it impossible to get to 100% crit no matter what, so even if you have all of the leads, the characters, the weapons, the ar’s… zombie stages will be purely left up to rng and how lucky you get.


I had to resort to using a 4-star crit leader and 2-star disposable garbage like I used to do before 6 stars were released and I had access to guardian shield toons. Only for the stupid stun stages with three waves. Still super annoying and I will keep saying it a blatent attempt at a cash grab for kits and coin regens.

I find it funny that they canceled war because of an imbalance between beta and 9.2 but they could care less with a faction tournament imbalance in survival road.

The game is making me so damn angry lately.


According to them the crit change is not just a SR or zombie thing either.

Its crit across the board, so in raids, and wars against other players it will come into effect too. Especially if you happen to rely on guard2 shields, or other crit proc effects. For all we know war was cancelled because of the crit change and not everybody being on 9.3 in time for war.


I was never lucky enough to pull the camo Michonne and the og gator is crap. I run ranged so I really don’t want to waste limited Benedicts and Lilliths on him. We can disagree but this nerf is uncalled for. It’s going to make very few happy but it will piss off a majority of the players. Mark my words.

Again fix the bugs that hinder gameplay. Like territories constant crashes and the rampant cheating that goes on. Then we can deal with niggling things like crit rates.


Why should it be impossible to hit 100%? That’s whats confusing. If you use the right combination of leader, ar’s, and weapons it should be possible. It’s math for God’s sake.


Survival road. Legendary. Tripple green walker stages with stun. Then tell me how awesome this nerf is.


why did those posts go poof? :thinking: