The count is on, 60 days is coming

wonder how they are progressing on the rest of the promises

not much time
tick tock tick tock


Hard to tell when they are either deflecting blame or hiding

This community needs to stop! Look at war rewards, it is just getting worse! In 6 days scopely is gonna change everything and turn it all around? I cant wait for the 26th to come and the community to rage and get it over with, i do wanna know, what then? What do we do when the 26th is here and everything is the same? Only new thing we will get is another s class


Nothing will happen. Well maybe a new trending thread here.

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There will be a bunch of huffing and puffing and then you’ll find something else to get upset about. Very few people quit but will say they were going to. It’s actually laughable when somebody says the 26th because the day I’m waiting for the 27th.


Woow did you think they did anything?
They said we will refresh wheels and they did . But now wheels are worst than before if you exclude weapons tokens

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My birthday D:

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What happens when only major spenders remain?
How do they differentiate themselves? It’s gonna be expensive… especially if scopes keeps lowering rewards

Why did scopely give us ■■■■■■■ s class collectibles. At least make it Top 1 gets like 50% half or like 2.5k. How about a war stash with toons that were never in. To make the f2p against P2P more fair. Add payback negan and wayland. To even out the playing ground. ACTUALLY NO. That’s gonna fuck shit up. Just Zach. And Sherry (Overheal Bonus Hp good)

Honestly what percentage of people do you think we’re going to quit? How many people play the game? Not everybody is ready to throw in the towel every day over something new. When will it be good enough or will it ever be good enough? These are the questions I ask every day while reading these forms.

I think will answer your question. When you have no cans of any sort left. Nothing to level up to hit milestones. No tokens for the trash updated wheels that S class ruined. Your roster can’t beat anyone’s team anymore and you get tired of seeing no progress.

Think that sums it up pretty good.


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