The cost of walkering these

10,000 zombies…dont do it you spiteful, jealous, bitter, enemies…you’re supposed to profit from these…not give the developer money in wasted cans…another lousy mention…the game glitching constantly…sad


I would love it if one of those territories got walkered. The odds of keeping one for a reasonable period of time are quite low (although we’re managing to hold on right now), and the survivor drops from those territories are actually really good. I wouldn’t be surprised if many people actually got more out of clearing than trying to hold.


Does it actually ever take 10k walkers? Usually gets to about 6k and we magically get it


Faction with most kills after 30 minutes gets it, I think


It resets so I’m not sure what rules applies to a win tbh

It’s one of the updates I agree with:
It means all factions can compete and place defences… not just 2-3 guys who saw it first

Thus I think is the best explanation :+1:

Can confirm, one region with only one active faction was able to capture all the territories only killing a few hundred in each and dropping a team in.

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