The cheating seems now pandemic

Couple months ago I started to see chars getting incorrect AP in raids/war. Now it seems everywhere. Perhaps it was there for a long time. I just grew up quickly and started to hit pretty much any player including top 10.

Either way I now see at least 30% of top players in our region and many others in CRW which has 2 kinds of hacks/exploits. (Also it seems vast majority of the cheaters bunched in few factions. Hence top factions has most of the cheaters and as result there is visible gap between top few cheating facs and the normal facs. Again not just in my region but in last couple CRWs too.)

One hack is when a char gets more AP than it should. And the other is when a confused/stunned etc char ignores it and either performs AR or use human shield.

As I said its now so wide spread that I can easily prove it by raiding/warring same team twice to watch these hacks closely and slowly to make sure I didn’t dream it.

Scopley is now risking to lose revenue very fast. Russian websites sell 20k gold for $60. I imagine the hacks in question coming from there too…

I for one paid few thousands to get on top. And what I see? Bunch of cheats. Not spending anything serious until it gets fixed. Which I doubt Scopely can…

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AP = 8%ap gain on weapons
confused or stun being ignored = focus


Focus doesn’t work against stun

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Um… Mods, bro

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He’s just mad he’s getting run through like unrefrigerated Indian food. #amirite


Wait… Didn’t I just use that phrase in GC? LMAO

Youve spent a few thousand? Dollers? Iv spent under $20 dollers in the year I’ve been playing. That’s crazy

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Lots of characters have ap gain when rushing combine with ap while taking damage can set the whole team off as for rushes.But for certain things not working right this is due to bugs glitches exploits. however yes cheats do exists and in bulk. Also lots of countries have discounts/sales and others don’t an unfair advantage but nothing we can do.

Please post a video

Are you trying to say that when there is an AP gain, the yellow numbers are actually higher than they should be? or the yellow numbers show correct (for example 12), but the character is getting 16?
I’ve definitely seen character teams that ignore a status and rush on me. It’s like the status just goes away.

Videos would definitely help! Sometimes we can explain subtle combat mechanisms that aren’t obvious. Sometimes we identify bugs in the combat engine that we pass on to the developers. Note that because the computer AI controls the opponent when you raid them, it’s more likely a misunderstanding or a bug than a cheat.

Did you know that if an opponent has focus, they can bypass confuse? Usually that’s how they ignore taunt or confuse. Also, the character animation doesn’t always go in the same order as their actual attacks, so it may look like a stunned character attacked first when the actual order of events was a recover stun active or AR was used and then the stunned character attacks.

Without video, we can’t assess if you’re an expert in all the combat mechanisms who is definitely seeing bugs or if what you’re seeing is something we can explain. If you can get a video but it’s too long to post here, let me know and I’ll give you some more options how to submit the video.


Yeah I am playing for 3 yrs. I kill most of top 10 people in my region. So please don’t tell me how to calculate AP or what focus is. BTW you didn’t even read right. Magna puts up shield being stunned. What it has to do w focus. Anyway. Keep having fun…

Ok, please send videos :slightly_smiling_face: we need to nail down these bugs, and seeing them in action goes a very long way towards identifying the root cause and fixing them.

Video helps, but!!
Do not post on the form for everyone to see!!
Reach out to someone like JB!

will do later today. thanks… TBH I was sure everyone should have known abt this by now… the point of this post was to create pressure on Scopely to close loopholes.

i cant seem to record gameplay using the amazon app BUT on more than 3 occasions ive seen shield jesus hit my toons with basic or a rush and shield on the same turn … no commands

Do u have a how to?

I’d like to learn these exploits… For SCIENCE!


As for AR gain being wrong I have not seen this in any of the three regions I’ve been in or CRW so unless u are confused about huge ap calculations I cannot explain…
As for toons ignoring stun and confuse I have seen this alot often confused toons on defence team sheild anyway or use there AR and then go back to being confused I have seen this duelling myself with my own B account so I’m sure this is a bug and not a hack.

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These are most likely bugs. My factiomate dueled me and said my magna was still shielding after being stunned and my other toon rushed while being confused and I have no focus toons on defense. Altering toon stats only work on attack, not sure how they get those blue stun guns to be permanent though.

Perhaps. However (here I am not 100% certain) from my observations the teams which exhibit those bugs tend to stay like that. And teams that don’t they never do. Meaning that if it is not a hack (modified code or data transmission) then it is an exploit.

You might have stumbled upon it by chance. Others might do it on purpose.

P. S. I got quick video. How do I attach it? There is nothing to hide. Why shouldn’t it be public?

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