The chances of getting donny through ascendance


I have been trying to get donny through all sorts of ways does anyone know the chances of getting him through ascendance?


The chances of keep dreaming dude


I think it’s about the same odds as pulling him from 5* tokens maybe a little higher but not by much


Considering I got him on a single from the 5 star wheel I would say he isn’t too uncommon to get, though this is just me.


Probably one in a couple dozen.


Lol I appreciate the brutal honesty


For reference I’ve tried to ascend for Eric around 15 times and still haven’t gotten him


Got Donny after about 8 attempts.Good luck to you.


Anyone got the link to that thread with all the new character pools so I can see which ones are available through what again please?


The search function is your friend.
Search for pool or character or update plus @JB.Scopely

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Thank you very much, I searched ‘character pool’ but stopped after scrolling for 2 minutes. Much appreciated :smiley:

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You gotta add @JB.Scopely to the queue so it only brings up his posts. :wink:

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Took me 5 tries to get Donny from ascendance. Good luck.


About the same. He is really good lead. Keep trying and good luck!


I’m at 54 Tries SINCE he became Ascendable. Haven’t got him before aswell


I know the feeling. Dozens of attempts at ascension to get a legendary and Eric was the only one I ever got-although it was BEFORE he got 6 stars in game. I was just lucky to have kept him around for when he did get ascendable.

I think that the trick is that you will only get an ascendable if they aren’t currently ascendable? :wink:


Three tries for me, he’s there, keep going!


I got Donny on 1 try ascending a 4*

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