The buff that nobody asked for


From: nov 17


Oh hey that’s me.

Plot twist: players council’s first official move was push for whale to f2p gap to widen…Scopely loved the idea and made it reality within the hour


A faction mate has pete and his base health is over 8,000.
With a leader it is over 11,000.

We’re doomed!

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Plot twist: Players Council is a fantasy.


Ooooooh now you’re talking

The debuff that must happen because it’s too op, “charlie” because hes breaking the game, not the op toons🙄


Buhahahahha that is right

Next war is gonna be real fun I assume.

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wouldn’t surprise me. by all accounts the council is majority p2p top factions anyway. total bullshit. just a way to ask them what theyd pay for in my opinion

How do you know? Thought council remains unseen.

just a ■■■■■■■ guess. do you think f2p people would say all this stuff is a good idea?

Do you think the council would have the power to stop it?

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