The bucket is real

all my platinum mods has been sh*t. I seen other players with way useful platinum mods. Odds should be the same for everyone. Even pulling for toons has been crappy. I’m already spending way less in this game. Almost about quitting this trashy game. After Woc I’m really going consider still playing this lackluster game. If wasnt the time and money I spent here. I would been gone


Is that a daze resist def set? If so it’s a great mod!


That’s exactly what I was just thinking

Daze resist on doc on def team oh boi…MAX PAYNE

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All my platinum mods are trash too, and I’ll trade em all for that sweet daze resist lol

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those are some mighty fine mods you acquired there brethren…

I can’t even get any gold stat mods. I don’t think I’ve gotten a silver one either.



Same none have levelled up to be useful, gold still rules here😔


What I think about this post. N the folks whining.

After WOC was the funniest part of this post given the rest of it.

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Godforbid they ever think about implementing roadmaps with plat mods as reward. We would never be able to live with ourselves.

Meh I got some good ones but they all rolled lower then my golds,figures lmao.

This is why I don’t bother wasting my points on them bc this dumpster fire of a game is Rigged. I haven’t gotten a single gold Stat Slot mod in like 8months, not one, so I know damn well it would be totally pointless trying.


That’s my problem with them to, bet our silver mods don’t come close to gold, so plat should always be better than gold :pensive:

I bought this Platinum mod on sale. When I levelled it up, it’s the same % as my Gold mod. Wtf. The odds of maxing it out is ridiculous.

Thank you scopely for this gift :clap:
Im sure this 168 extra heal will save my atk or def team many times :clap:

Im in gold bucket filled by shit but it doesnt matter.
6th plat GREAT mod. Thank you :clap:

PS. Fuck you scopely :fu:


Imagine having no use for crit set plat mods cuz you chose Christia
This post was made by James gang

Lol. You have like 8 of them. I have two. What’s there to complain about? You seem to be doing great. BTW, both of mine are crit set.

Got this beaut today. :sob::joy: