The blog should be easier to find

I would love to see a button added to the Community tab in game to link to the blog instead of having to come to the forums to access it. @GR.Scopely


Agreed. Feels tucked away.

I’d expect that soon. If Scopely invests the money/time to create such a blog, you can be sure they will publicize it (in fact, a link is directly in game while an event is going on).

Editing the community tab probably requires a game update, as they need to change the code. This brings all sorts of problems (keeping the different app stores in sync etc.), so I can’t see them realeasing a new game version just to add that button. It will probably come together with the faction assault update.

All of these are outdated and inactive

I still use the one to get to the forums but the wiki one is wasted space imo

I favourited it

@Duffy1978 I hear and absolutely agree with you. This has been on the design for the blog from the start and now I am waiting for the implementation of the in-game icons to facilitate the accessibility. Also, this would also mean that I can make a proper introduction to the Blog on this forum :slight_smile:


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That’s great I think the blog is a great addition more people just need to know it exists and where to find it especially since not all visit the forums

@Duffy1978 - I think that too. I 'll keep you guys updated.


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