The biggest F* You your Technical Team could ever do . Attention to GR Scopely

This is a bit lengthy, but deservingly need everyone’s attention, especially to Scopely - and I need your help @GR.Scopely :

On 10th Dec, a fac member of mine was not able to login to the game right after the update (I believe it was for the Princess - Teddy Bear event). He then did whatever could – uninstall the game, delete cache, reinstall yet the game doesn’t load at all. So he sent an email to support with all the information and details provided.

Of course, we kept patiently waiting for updates from your technical team – kept encouraging him to stay on the game — and sucks that he missed out on the Territory Wars (we occupied 2 Red Velvet territories and also the 5* Weapon part ones (we have screenshots for that saved, just in case). Which also sucked coz he missed out of the collectibles that he was rightfully supposed to received during the occupation of those said territories. So a big bummer on that — but yea kept telling him to stay on… it should be okay…

Of course. he also missed out on Blitz (the crappiest war ever) – which we placed #3… and sucks because he then missed out again from getting the war rewards and milestones.


Also other fac events -


Oh and of course, he couldn’t even do a single event for the princess bears, potentially missing out on her 2nd one (he’s a pretty active player, grinding-wise pretty sure he could get 60 bears if he wants to or even spends a bit just to try to reach that target).

The latest war we placed #13 - and of course, he missed out again on them milestones and rewards. SIGH.


(not the best screenshot)

So today — your technical team dropped the biggest FUCK YOU bomb on him - a dedicated player who loves this game and that we as his faction member love as well by closing the ticket which is not even resolved.


What gives? @GR.Scopely . Here’s him still hoping something can we be done – here I am together with the rest of my fac member are together with him as well.


He will take it to the team. Keep on surviving.


@LadyGeek @GR.Scopely what do they do?

I have the similar problem and support told me the same thing like him,at end JB fixed my problem after 10 days and my compensation was completely awful

Tickets auto-close. Request that it be reopened.


okay so there’s some form of hope still then? thanks @LadyGeek

I’d be more than happy to send all necessary screenshots for him to be able to receive whatever he should be receiving. Else I think this can be grounds for him to actually even request for a total complete refund for a broken game (on his end) of which he had done monetary spending with. hmm

He hasn’t played for two months and hasn’t lost interest? Impressive.

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13 days :smiley:

we have an awesome community in the fac… makes it hard for ppl to leave no matter how much crap Scopely throws at us.

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Ohhhh thought is said October 12th lol. Sorry. American here haha

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Did it still not load on a different device?

yep. tried on different devices - nothing works

I wrote the wrong comment. My account used to load up and then the zombie head (when it’s loading) would come up and it crashed

just doing a big favor for him. as his fac leader of course I am also raged by the whole situation and since i’m probably the only one in my fac who has an account here – i’d be more than happy to bring this up so scopely can do something about it. at least i know that if you just rely on support, expect nothing to be resolved

This is really sad, hope you can get a result for him, good luck :+1:

Unbelievable they haven’t fixed it. I would be livid! I hope it’s fixed soon. I’d be messaging scopely EVERY DAY til it’s foxed!

What is closing the ticket? Like they pretty much gave up on it?

Closing tickets usually happens when :

  1. they resolve the issue
  2. the person who needs assistance never replies back to their follow-up request

so when the issue is not resolved… closing the ticket would automatically mean you dont give a crap haha

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Trust me, scopely wouldn’t refund anything to save your ■■■■■■■ life :rage: I spent $100 on coins before and after I got them but then my game crashed and I opened it back up and the coins were gone, so was the $100… they refused to do shit. Blaming it on apple.


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