The best war reward

Get 2nd place to get RED CAKES FOR WHAT? FOR NOTHING
I’m gettint tired of this company


They do a marvelous job at letting us down every week at least they’re consistent I’ll give them that


More turn ins will come sit down. And fact war wheel when they do it will have few of said old toons…

SEEING ALL WE GET ARE DUPES WELL its good use for them…

Most of the toons will ended up on a wheel at one point.

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You sound desperate, if you feel like that you should simply stop playing and do something positive or more rewarding in your free time instead of wasting almost 3 days OF YOUR LIFE for some pixels on a phone. :joy:

This is the one thing scopely is the absolute best at lol

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Well, i can manage my time well
Gone out for a marriage, got drunk, and made 300K in war
But I still want better rewards hahahaha
Today they put Bruce Allen + red cakes and I got 1100 keys, it’s a good start

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